Thieves cut traffic signal wires at Bridgeport Way off-ramp

Drivers exiting I-5 onto Bridgeport Way Sunday night encountered a very dangerous situation — a dark traffic signal.
Some time around 9:49 p.m. Sunday night, thieves cut the wire to the traffic signal and lighting at the intersection. WSDOT crews made temporary connections and got the traffic signal up but will need to return at a later date to make a permanent fix.
WSDOT is noticing an increase of wire theft in addition to the recent rise in theft of aluminum and steel bridge railing, guardrail, signal boxes, and impact attenuators. The Washington State Patrol (WSP) and WSDOT are working closely together to stop these crimes.
“These thefts create a safety issue, and also add a burden to tax payers,” said Don Clotfelter, Maintenance Manager. WSDOT is self-insured so costs incurred replacing and repairing stolen material, as well as labor, comes from tax dollars. As an unexpected cost, it takes away from other maintenance and project funding.
Motorists can help reduce these crimes by reporting suspicious work zones to law enforcement. A legitimate work zone includes:
— signs alerting you that you are approaching a work zone
— proper lighting
— orange cones, barriers, signs, etc.
— workers/flaggers wearing orange, reflective vests, hard hats, goggles and gloves
— vehicles with either, exempt license plates and the WSDOT logo or clearly marked with contractor name.
— Weekly, WSDOT posts on its Web site construction and maintenance operations. If it’s a state-owned roadway, the work will be listed at
Anyone in the area who saw anything suspicious Sunday evening should contact the Washington State Patrol or use the reporting form found at .