The 2022 Student Mock Election is now open for all Washington K-12 students

OLYMPIA — The Office of the Secretary of State is calling on students and teachers across Washington to participate in the 2022 Student Mock Election.

From National Voter Education Week until the Nov. 8 General Election, the Student Mock Election is a nonpartisan educational initiative that teaches K-12 students how elections work and how to become informed voters.

Students have the opportunity to vote on actual races and measures pertinent to their daily lives, or an alternate version with fictional issues.

Ballots, vote tabulation sheets, and Voters’ Pamphlets are available for download and printing. Other free resources include “I Voted” stickers (which must be ordered by Nov. 8) and the curriculum book Teaching Elections in Washington State. The lessons meet state and Common Core standards, and satisfy the civics coursework required for graduation. Classroom-based assessments are included with each lesson.

“The Student Mock Election is an interactive, educational program that helps students learn more about our elections and enables them to become more informed and involved citizens,” said Assistant Secretary of State Trova O’Heffernan. “Teachers have access to several unique resources and tools to help teach young people how to make civic engagement a lifelong habit.”

In Washington state, 16- and 17-year-olds can sign up as Future Voters and be automatically registered to vote when they become eligible. More information about the Future Voter program, including qualifications and how to register, is available here.

National Voter Education Week (NVEW) is a nonpartisan voter education campaign held the first week of October that equips voters with the tools, information, and confidence they need to cast their ballots. More information is available at

Washington’s Office of the Secretary of State oversees a number of areas within state government, including managing state elections, registering corporations and charities, and governing the use of the state flag and state seal. The office also manages the State Archives and the State Library, documents extraordinary stories in Washington’s history through Legacy Washington, oversees the Combined Fund Drive for charitable giving by state employees, and administers the state’s Address Confidentiality Program to help protect survivors of crime.

Current Election Information

November 8, 2022 is General Election Day.

Confirm or update your voter registration information today at If you are registered to vote, your ballot is mailed automatically and there’s no need to request one. View the Online Voters’ Guide or the list of Candidates Who Filed.

October 21 ballots are mailed out by county election offices no later than 18 days prior to election day. Ballots for eligible military and overseas voters are mailed 45 days prior.

October 31 is the deadline to register or update your address online: You may also register and vote in person at a county voting center through election day.

Our Election Fact Sheet and many other resources can be found in the sections below.

What’s on my November 8 ballot?

Ballots will contain two state advisory votes and candidates for US Senate, US Representative, Washington Secretary of State (2-year unexpired term due to a vacancy), the State Legislature, the Washington Supreme Court and other judicial offices. Local offices and propositions may appear on your ballot, too, depending upon what’s happening in your community. View the state’s Online Voters’ Guide or list of Candidates Who Filed May 16 – 20.

For your customized online voter guide, please visit Use Chrome/Firefox/Edge or your mobile device to load the guide.

Your precinct determines which offices and measures are printed on your ballot, so you may see candidates in the complete online guide that do not appear on your ballot. Your customized voters’ guide at and your mailed ballot will show which candidates you’re eligible to vote for based on your precinct.