Telecom License Requirements Draw Near

“The Department of Labor and Industries has issued a warning to anyone currently installing or maintaining telecommunications systems that they need to be licensed by L&I as an electrical contractor or registered with L&I as a general or telecommunications/cabling specialty construction contractor by June 8.Those who do not register or obtain a license by the June 8 deadline cannot be grandfathered in and must meet all the testing requirements of the new telecommunications law passed by the 2000 Legislature.State law has required contractors doing telecommunications installation or maintenance, generally involving data cabling, to be registered as a general or specialty contractor with L&I. The new telecommunications law will require all telecommunications contractors to become licensed specifically for this type of work. Workers must also obtain a permit and inspection for any major telecommunications work performed.A test is now being developed by L&I in collaboration with the telecommunications industry and a national testing agency. The test is designed to accurately judge if a person knows how to safely install and maintain telecommunications equipment. For information on how to register as a contractor, visit L&I’s web site at find if a contractor is registered, visit the web site at, or call the contractor hotline at 1-800-647-0982.”