Teaching techniques focus of UWT summit Sept. 23

Nearly 300 special education and Title 1 teachers will convene at the University of Washington, Tacoma Sept. 23 and 24 for a two-day reading intervention summit.

Organizers hope the event will help teachers from across Washington learn strategies for building the reading skills of students with reading difficulties. The summit, sponsored by a grant from the Higher Education Coordinating Board, is aimed at training teachers in the latest research-based strategies for helping kids learn to read. Title 1 teachers are teachers supported by a federal assistance program that sends extra money to schools to support low-achieving kids who need additional help.

“We are confident that helping educators provide high-quality reading instruction will greatly improve the academic success of students with reading difficulties in Washington,” said UWT Assistant Professor Greg Benner, who is coordinating the conference. “Reading is a prerequisite for success in any academic area and for success in our society. Learning how to read is related to personal resilience and overcoming social obstacles, which can make all the difference for these kids as they go through life.”

The vast majority of children who experience reading difficulties are left behind their peers both academically and socially, Benner added.

“We want to make sure that educators across Washington are well trained on the best practices to help these children catch up.”

Nationally recognized experts in reading instruction, including several from UW Tacoma’s Education program, will speak at the summit.For more information, visit the Summit Web site.