TCC will offer polygraph examiner training

Tacoma Community College has announced a partnership with Marston Polygraph Academy to provide the first polygraph examiner training and certification for Pacific Northwest states. This intensive, nine-week course provides hands-on training to conduct valid and reliable polygraph examinations. The program begins July 7 on TCC’s Tacoma Campus.
“There is increasing demand for polygraph examiners as a result of retirement and population growth,” said Jon Kime, director of TCC’s Corporate Education. He added “We will have 25 spots available in this program.”
Courses in the Polygraph Examiner Certificate Program will be taught by certified instructors from Marston Polygraph Academy, accredited by the American Polygraph Association and recognized by the American Association of Police Polygraphists, the National Polygraph Association, and the Texas Board of Polygraph Examiners.
To be successful in the program, TCC and Marston recommend at least two years of college, and five years experience in law enforcement or a related field. The program will meet five days-a-week. Program costs $5,000; students may purchase their own equipment after completion.
“This is a great opportunity for police and sheriff departments, corrections and related agencies to have someone trained locally,” Kime said. Individuals with experience in law enforcement, examination, fire investigation and national security, in addition to veterans and injured police officers, may highly benefit from this program. In addition to employment with law enforcement agencies, polygraph examiners may get hired through contract positions available from a variety of employers.
Individuals who complete the program will learn the laws related to polygraph machine use; study physiology, including blood pressure and respiratory indicators; and learn effective polygraph methods for government and law enforcement agencies.