TCC artist exhibit at Commencement Bay Coffee

Commencement Bay Coffee is hosting the Tacoma Artworks Group (TAG) exhibition, on view now through Jan. 10. Artwork by students from Tacoma Community College and Pacific Lutheran University are on display. Admission is free.
“The art exhibition is a great outlet for students from both schools to display their work in a public venue,” said Anthony Culanag, TCC graphic design instructor and TAG co-advisor. “It also gives the community exposure to art programs at both schools,” he said.
Participating artists from TCC include Rebecca Denton, Alice Di Certo, Trevor Furrer, Cassie Johnson, Julianne Ruckle, Aaron Schmersal, Dale Stowell and Jordon Tremper; and from PLU includes: Jason Comeford, Jodi Gillan, Jeff Martin, Jon Post and Alyssa Wanner.
“Overall, the exhibit gives each artist a chance to show their creativity and enthusiasm for art,” Culanag said. Culanag organized the exhibit for TAG club members.
More than 100 attended an opening reception held Dec. 7, which included live music by Kelsey Parkhurst, an instrumental band.
TAG is a sanctioned club through the Associated Students of Tacoma Community College (ASTCC). The mission of TAG is to provide TCC students with real-world opportunities to showcase their artwork at venues in the Puget Sound region, and hold activities to enhance their exposure to the diverse mediums of the world of art.
Commencement Bay Coffee is located at 2354 Jefferson Ave.