Tacoma's Topia Ventures teams up with Boeing to design computing technology for Army

“Tacoma-based Topia Ventures, a leader in bringing productivity to mobile computing, announced that the Boeing Company has become a premier customer. Under the agreement, Topia Ventures will team with the Phantom Works division of Boeing in Kent to create a customized working demonstration of the Topia mobile agent computing technology. This first implementation with Boeing will demonstrate how Topia’s Agent technology can be used to revolutionize current logistics reporting and planning within an Army tactical battlefield scenario. Topia’s Agent software will allow for real-time collaboration between different divisions in the Army force and will show how Topia’s Agents can accomplish the mundane task of logistics reporting at every echelon of the modern Army – from individual vehicle locations to communi-cation up through each level of command. We are thrilled with the expertise and mobile agent architecture that Topia Ventures has been able to provide on this project, said Richard Rocks, Manager, Integrated Defense Logistics, Phantom Works Division of Boeing. The implementation of this technology will allow for real-time battlefield monitoring, recording and reporting, critical to effective field communication. We see Topia as a partner that will be able to greatly enhance a variety of Phantom Works projects, both as military and commercial applications.This particular demonstration of Topia shows the flexibility and value of our mobile agent architecture with very little customization, said Janine Terrano, CEO of Topia Ventures, and president/CEO of Business Internet Services, Tacoma. Topia’s mission is to bring efficiency and productivity to mobile computing. We offer the only technology that wirelessly bridges a user’s data between devices. Additionally, we bring real-time collaboration and task delegation via agents to computing. Discussions with systems integrators clearly demonstrate that there are huge opportunities in the healthcare, insurance, procurement and government vertical markets.Topia Ventures is a privately held company headquartered in Seattle, that incorporated in 1999.The company has developed a revolutionary new operating environment based on mobile agent architecture that brings productivity to mobile computing. Topia provides intelligent software known as the Topia Agent, which becomes smarter as it executes activities on behalf of the end user. Topia’s mobile agent technology gives users the ability to securely manage personal data, access data from multiple devices, work across multiple platforms, collaborate in real time, and delegate tasks to the personal agent. For more information on Topia Ventures and its mobile agent technology, visit www.topiaventures.com or call 1-888-224-9559. “