Tacoma Public Works: Frost Park repairs nearly completed

Repairs to the fountain at Larry Frost Memorial Park in downtown Tacoma are slated to be completed next week, according to City of Tacoma public works staff.

The city-owned park, located at the corner of South Ninth Street and Pacific Avenue, is named after fallen Tacoma police officer Larry Frost, who was 29 years old when he was shot and killed on Sept. 9, 1977. In recent years, a group of local artists has gathered on Fridays at noon for friendly chalk art competitions.

But its cascading fountain that stretches from Commerce Street to Pacific Avenue hasn’t worked for a long time. The list of needed repairs is long: multiple leaks in the walls and floors of the pool; potential underground pipe damage; water pump repairs; pressure washing; and a waterproof sealant. Public Works officials estimate the repairs will cost about $40,000.

In April, the Tacoma Daily Index was first to report the city was considering whether to direct money toward repairing the fountain. In mid-August, the repair project began with pressure washing, an acid wash, and the application of epoxies, paints, and sealants.

“Pressure washing and sealing of the pool area has been completed,” noted interim City Manager Rey Arellano in his Sept. 8 weekly report to Tacoma City Council. “Once the sealant has dried (about five days), the pool will be filled and the operation of the water pump will be evaluated. We hope to have the fountain operational by September 19, 2011.”

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