Tacoma Power: Freezing conditions, wind could cause power outages

The weather outside is frightful. With winds anticipated between 30 and 40 miles per hour this afternoon, Tacoma Power asks customers to prepare now for potential power outages.
The utility has crews ready to respond as quickly as possible if the winds cause power outages.
“We understand, especially in this cold weather, how much a power outage affects the people we serve,” said Dave Ward, transmission and distribution manager. “I can assure our customers that we will do everything possible to minimize that impact so they can stay warm and safe inside their homes.”
Pulling these items together now will help people when the power goes out:
— Flashlights (Candles create a fire hazard)

— Wind-up or battery-powered clock

— Battery-powered radio

— Extra batteries for flashlight, clock and radio

— Food that you don’t have to heat

— Manual can opener

— Blankets and warm clothes
Make safety a priority when the power goes out. To prevent carbon dioxide poisoning:
— Never barbecue or use charcoal briquettes to cook or heat food indoors

— Do not use a natural gas range or burn charcoal for heat. If a fireplace or kerosene space heater is used, open a window for ventilation.
Customers should call (253) 502-8602 to report power outages.