Tacoma Power: Beware of inspection notices

Tacoma Power is warning customers to be wary of notices they receive in the mail stating that their electrical panel needs an inspection.

Electro Serve in Bellevue, Washington, has notified Tacoma Power that it plans to send postcards to utility customers advising them that the National Fire Protection Association’s publication 73 requires that their electrical panels be inspected. Bruce Reynolds, supervisor of Tacoma Power’s Electrical Inspection Office, said that no such inspections are required and that neither Tacoma Power nor the State of Washington has adopted the association’s publication 73.

“This looks to me like a marketing scheme to charge customers hundreds of
dollars for so-called inspections that are not required,” Reynolds said.

Reynolds recommends that Tacoma Power customers ignore such mailings. Customers who have questions can call the utility’s Electrical Inspection Office at 502-8021 or e-mail to power@cityoftacoma.org.