Tacoma political cartoonist solo show May 17

Tacoma illustrator and political cartoonist R.R. Anderson will present his work May 17 at Mineral Studio in a showcase entitled “Automatic Drawings.”

Anderson draws “Feed Tacomic,” a weekly political cartoon that appears on Feed Tacoma — a Web site that serves as a hub for Tacoma’s local blogs — and provides biting illustrative commentary on current events in Tacoma. He was also featured in the Index earlier this year, along with political cartoonists Stuart Neiman (Tacoma Weekly) and John Hathaway (The New Takhoman), in a story about Tacoma’s local political cartoonists (“Mightier Than Swords,” March 21, 2007).

The show will feature four new illustrated panels by Anderson, and many of the original “Feed Tacomic” political cartoons. All art work will be available for sale. The art show takes place Thurs., May 17, 5pm to 8pm, at Mineral Studio, 627 St. Helens, downtown Tacoma.

For more information, visit http://www.feedtacoma.com .