Tacoma Daily Index Top Stories — March 5 – March 11

Here are the top five stories / pages read by visitors to the Tacoma Daily Index’s Web site during the week of Mon., March 5 through Sun., March 11, as reported by Google Analytics.

1. Tacoma Daily Index Home Page — http://www.tacomadailyindex.com

2. Adams, Foley appointed to Court Commissioner posts — http://www.tacomadailyindex.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=88&cat=23&id=2125465&more=0

3. Mayor Strickland to speak at Chamber luncheon Friday — http://www.tacomadailyindex.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=88&cat=23&id=2126026&more=0

4. Tacoma Daily Index editor discusses e-book on Travel Channel program – http://www.tacomadailyindex.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=88&cat=23&id=2125461&more=0

5. For prospective library building buyers, bring your checkbook (and good intentions) – http://www.tacomadailyindex.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=88&cat=23&id=2109522&more=0