Tacoma Daily Index Top Stories — Jan. 30 – Feb. 5

Here are the top five stories / pages read by visitors to the Tacoma Daily Index’s Web site during the week of Mon., Jan. 30 through Sun., Feb. 5, as reported by Google Analytics.

1. Tacoma Daily Index Home Page — http://www.tacomadailyindex.com

2. Rare WWII plane owned by billionaire Paul Allen arrives in Tacoma — http://www.tacomadailyindex.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=88&cat=23&id=2109069&more=0

3. Tacoma City Council to discuss “big-box” retail stores Tuesday — http://www.tacomadailyindex.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=88&cat=23&id=2106150&more=0

4. UW Tacoma’s Joy Building earns LEED Platinum certification — http://www.tacomadailyindex.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=88&cat=23&id=2107506&more=0

5. Amocat Cafe to host R. R. Anderson ‘Tacomic’ art show in March — http://www.tacomadailyindex.com/portals-code/list.cgi?paper=88&cat=23&id=2108871&more=0