Tacoma City Council renews BIA agreement

Tacoma City Council approved an ordinance Tuesday that renews the City of Tacoma’s agreement with the Business Improvement Area (BIA) to provide a variety of services in Tacoma’s primary commercial area. The BIA is funded through a self-imposed assessment of property owners within an 84-block area that runs from South 7th Street to South 21st Street and ‘A’ Street west to Court ‘D.’ The ordinance provides for the levy of assessments and other income in the amount of $822,665 and approves the renewed work plan, budget, and assessment of rates from May 1, 2012 through April 30, 2013.

The BIA, which was established in 1988, provides common services for property owners and is an advocate for the general economic well being of downtown property owners. It provides services such as security patrols on bicycles; support for the Tacoma Police Department; coordination of downtown security officers; an e-mail alert system for downtown property owners and managers; pressure washing, sweeping, and cleaning of sidewalks and other common areas; installation of street banners; graffiti removal; providing timely information for potential investors; and overseeing Web sites ( http://www.tacomabia.org and http://tacomadowntown.blogspot.com ) and regular print publications that promote downtown Tacoma.

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