"Tacoma City Council Agenda News for Tuesday, August 15, 2000"

“Tacoma City CouncilStudy SessionNoon, TuesdayAugust 15, 2000Room 16Municipal Building North728 St. Helens AvenueTacomaInnovative Sewer PlanAssistant Director of Public Works Karen Larkin will brief the Council on the utility’s draft business plan.With new, stricter rules on sewer overflows coming soon from the regulatory agencies, the utility anticipates spending $60 million to upgrade the Central Treatment Plant to comply.To offset the steep rate increase this regulatory-driven upgrade would incur, the utility has proposed spending an additional $8 million to increase the capacity of the treatment plant to handle more customers. Adding more customers from areas surrounding Tacoma would spread out the fixed cost of the upgrades over a larger number of customers.Utility officials estimate sewer rates would remain steady for several years under the new plan, but if the extra measures are not taken, rates could likely rise sharply each year.Tacoma City CouncilCouncil Meeting5:00 p.m., TuesdayAugust 15, 2000Room 16Municipal Building North728 St. Helens AvenueTacomaRestricted sales of drugsThe Council intends to vote on a resolution to limit the sale of over-the-counter medications that stores can sell to an individual during a 24-hour period.The resolution would restrict large-quantity sales of over-the-counter pseudo-ephedrine, used in medications such as Sudafed, Actifed and diet pills.Pseudo-ephedrine produces ephedrine, a key ingredient used in the manufacture of methamphetamine.Washington is the nation’s second largest home to meth labs.The state Department of Ecology, which cleans up toxic materials from identified meth labs, made nearly 50 percent of its calls within Pierce County last year.The Council took public testimony on the proposal at its August 1 meeting, but postponed a vote to allow for negotiations with retail industry representatives on key provisions of the ordinance. “