Tacoma author Richard Sims publishes Pre-Revolutionary War novel

Drapers Forge, a new book by Richard Sims, has been released by Drapers Forge Press. In this rousing novel of historical fiction, a group of settlers must fight for their lives against a rogue British Colonel.

Tensions are mounting in Eastern Kentucky. A peaceful people are suddenly under siege when a psychotic British Colonel and an allied Shawnee Indian Tribe attack the settlement of Drapers Forge.

Follow Jacob Horn and his fellow settlers as they struggle to survive against overwhelming odds and fight back against their enemy. Will Horn make it? Will Drapers Forge be no more?

Read Drapers Forge, the Best New Historical Fiction Novel of 2017, to find out! Visit the book’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/drapersforge/.

About the Author:

Richard Sims is a retired aerospace worker who has always enjoyed writing. During his career he honed his skills through technical writing and documentation. For the last six years, Sims has published the political newsletter The American.

Richard Sims lives in Tacoma, Washington, with his wife, Deborah. He is a volunteer archivist for the Tacoma Historical Society.

Drapers Forge is a 342-page paperback with the retail price of $18.95. The ISBN is 978-1495193088. For more information, and to order a copy, visit http://www.drapersforge.com/.

Photo courtesy  Richard Sims
Photo courtesy
Richard Sims


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