Tacoma artist spotlights 'eclectic' coffee shops

Tacoma artist Marsha Glazière has turned her artistic eye toward local coffee shops in a new book entitled Eclectic Coffee Spots in Puget Sound. The book captures the ambience, architectural character, motifs, furnishings, curb appeal, and distinguishing personality of 120 Puget Sound coffee shops, including 41 paintings of the shops that inspire her most.

Tacoma coffee shops featured in the book include Amocate Cafe, Forza Coffee Company, Mandolin Cafe, Northern Pacific Coffee Company, A Rhapsody In Booom Florist and Cafe Latte, Satellite Coffee, Tully’s Coffe, and Valhalla Coffee.

Eclectic Coffee Spots in Puget Sound also includes photos, maps, and recipes.

“Who better than an artist to weave the Pacific Northwest’s most romantic tale? As though she were recovering buried treasure, Marsha expertly guides us through Latte Land, from proud bean to magical elixir, sharing both coffee and her delight . . . one cup at a time,” raves Laurie Cheeley, Roastmaster for Highlands Coffee Company. “Seek out your favorite corner table, order your favorite espresso drink, and spend an afternoon with your new favorite coffee table book.”

Glazière will kick off a “Coffee Spot Safari” contest Dec. 15 to encourage people to discover new coffee shops, shop local, and win a variety of prizes. Details about the contest are available online at marshaglaziere.com/eclectic-coffee-spot-safari.