Steel cables, heavy equipment signal beginning of Murray Morgan Bridge rehab

&catVisitors to Tacoma’s Murray Morgan Bridge this week will notice signs recently posted to announce the bridge will be closed completely to all traffic, including pedestrians and bicyclists, beginning Feb. 1 and continuing through March 18 (the bridge has been closed to vehicular traffic for more than two years). Similarly, visitors will notice steel cables and heavy machinery that were dropped off on the bridge deck and the surrounding area last week.

For anyone following the fate of the 1913 Murray Morgan Bridge, this activity is long overdue. The bridge has suffered years of deferred maintenance and neglect. It was closed to motor vehicles Oct. 23, 2007, due to safety concerns that arose after weeks of inspections by Washington State Department of Transportation (WSDOT) engineers. In 2008, the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation included the bridge on its annual list of Most Endangered Properties. Also in 2008, the bridge was included on Historic Tacoma’s “Watch List” of historic sites.

The full rehabilitation plan has called for replacing the wire lift cables, rehabilitating the center truss span, completing both of the bridge approaches, and completing seismic enhancements.

In June 2009, a contract was awarded to Rongin’s Inc. to replace the bridge’s steel cables. The work was slated to begin Oct. 17. However, WSDOT, which owned the bridge at the time, informed City Hall that the wire rope did not meet certain specifications. The bridge’s rehabilitation would remain on hold.

In the meantime, on Dec. 1, Tacoma City Council approved a resolution that reverted ownership of the bridge back to the City of Tacoma. WSDOT took responsibility of the bridge in the mid-1990s while it constructed State Route 509 from Interstate 705 to Milwaukee Avenue. According to an earlier agreement, the State agreed to return the bridge back to the City once SR 509 was completed.

According to the resolution approved by city council last month, Washington State has agreed to provide the City approximately $10.8 million dollars in state funds, and $26.2 million in Federal Highway Administration funds toward rehabilitation; the City agreed to accept ownership of the bridge in its current condition, “extinguish[ing] any real of implied agreements between Tacoma and Washington State regarding future bridge expenditures”; and WSDOT will support the City in its effort to secure additional federal funds to rehabilitate the bridge.

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