State's heritage barn program earns National Trust award

The Washington State Legislature, the State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation and the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation were honored in Spokane on Nov. 2 at the National Historic Preservation Conference by receiving an Honor Award for the Heritage Barn Program.

Receiving the award from the National Trust for Historic Preservation was Jerri Honeyford of Sunnyside, Chair of the Washington Heritage Barn Advisory Committee. Also recognized in receiving the award was Senator Jim Honeyford of Sunnyside representing the Washington State Legislature; Dr. Allyson Brooks, the State Historic Preservation Officer; and Jennifer Meisner, director of the Washington Trust for Historic Preservation.

Recognizing the steady erosion of historic barns due to deterioration and development pressures, Sen. Jim Honeyford and wife Jerri Honeyford have worked to raise awareness of the importance of barns as historic resources on our rural landscape. Working in conjunction with the Washington State Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation and the Northwest preservation advocacy group the Washington Trust, Sen. Honeyford advanced legislation that recognized barns as historic resources and provided seed money by the legislature for the preservation of historic era barns.

In just three years, the Washington Heritage Barn Program has identified and surveyed hundreds of barns in Washington State. The most significant barns were added to the Washington Heritage Barn Register. So far, nearly 500 barns have been added to the register. These barns are considered important features of the state’s landscape and rich agricultural history.

In Pierce County, 52 barns have been nominated to the heritage register:

  • Wilkinson Farm, c. 1915
  • Narnia Farm, c. 1913
  • Johnson Farm, c. 1917
  • Castlegate Farm, c. 1941
  • Lakeview Dairy, c. 1900
  • Marsh Property, c. 1902
  • Ledford Ranch, c. 1938
  • Run Amok Farm, c. 1940
  • Hillside Organic Farm, c. 1930
  • Klumper Ohop Valley Farm, c. 1935
  • Ohop Valley Farm, c. 1940
  • Valli End Farm, c. 1910
  • Zarcrossed Farm, c. 1920
  • Marvik Barn, c. 1915
  • Alvestad Ranch, c. 1917
  • Eagle Acres, c. 1900
  • Cedarbrook Farm, c. 1900
  • Guske Barn, c. 1939
  • Harman Farm, c. 1900
  • Hummel Barn, c. 1909
  • Laforge Farm, c. 1915
  • Noble Lipizzans, c. 1900
  • Part Time Ranch, c. 1900
  • Old Nylund Farm, c. 1922
  • Buffalo Valley (Eatonville), c. 1890
  • Cox Farm (Tacoma), c. 1902
  • Yotter Barn (Graham), c. 1910
  • Van Eaton Farm (Eatonville), c. 1914
  • White Farm (Graham), c. 1938
  • Carlson Farm (Fox Island), c. 1906
  • New Reliance Ranch (Eatonville), c. 1912
  • Maddock Barn (Longbranch), c. 1910
  • Morse Wildlife Preserve Barn (Graham), c. 1910
  • Joseph & Caroline Smailey Barn (Milton), c. 1938
  • Cavelti Farm (Alderton), c. 1938
  • Spooner Farms (Alderton), c. 1930
  • Helle Farm (Edgewood), c. 1914
  • Charles Andersen Farm (Edgewood), c. 1897
  • Edgewood Flower Farm (Edgewood), c. 1918
  • Fred & Aslaug Nelson Farm (Edgewood), c. 1920
  • Gus Sorensen Farm (Graham), c.1940
  • Fox Farm (Graham), c. 1900
  • Briggs Farm (Graham), c. 1916
  • Johnson Farm (Graham), c. 1920
  • Fred Weise Farm (Graham), c. 1915
  • Scholz Farm (Orting), c. 1931
  • Arvid Backstrom Farm (Roy), c. 1910
  • Henry Hulscher Farm (Roy), c. 1920
  • Wilcox Farms (Roy), c. 1951
  • Clarence Nelson Farm (Tacoma), c. 1935
  • J.M. Hendrickson Family Homestead (Tacoma), c. 1924
  • Stan & Joan Cross Park (Tacoma), c. 1927

With matching grants provided by the Washington State Legislature, 46 barns have been restored. The economic stimulus provided by the distribution of the grant funds has been readily seen in each of the rural communities where grants were awarded, creating jobs and motivating barn owners to repair and maintain their barns which are vital to farm operations.

According to the National Trust for Historic Preservation, headquartered in Washington D. C., the National Preservation Honor Awards “are bestowed on distinguished individuals, non-profit organizations, public agencies and corporations whose skill and determination have given new meaning to their communities through preservation of our architectural and cultural heritage.”

The Scholz Farm in Orting dates back to 1931. It is one of 52 heritage barns in Pierce County that was nominated to Washington state's register of heritage barns. (IMAGE COURTESY WASHINGTON STATE DEPARTMENT OF ARCHAEOLOGY AND HISTORIC PRESERVATION)