State Screenplay Competition Goes Nationwide

“The Washington State Screenplay Competition, sponsored by the Washington State Film Office, is going nationwide. The competition will now accept screenplays from writers across the country as well as from Canada.In its third year, the competition requires all feature script submissions to contain a minimum of 75 percent Washington State content in order to encourage film production in the state.“With two successful years of the competition under our belt,” said Suzy Kellett, director of the Washington State Film Office, “I felt the new millennium was the perfect time to take a leap of faith and go national. It is always interesting to get an outsider’s view of ‘your home’ so I look forward to some unique storylines.”The competition has also announced the addition of a Short Film Division which will accept scripts for short films, five minutes length or shorter. The winner of this division will receive full production of their script, which must contain 100 percent Washington State content. A full production package of goods and services, as well as producing talent, will assure the completion of the project in time for presentation at the final awards ceremony, June 26, 2000.The production package is underwritten by Washington State film production vendors who have contributed to dozens of high profile feature films in the past.The new short film award marks the first time a screenplay competition will yield a fully finished film.The Washington State Screenplay Competition began in 1997-98. It has attracted the interest of the Hollywood industry as well as the creative filmmaking community at large.First -year winners are currently writing for major studios as well as producing films in state. Jon Ward, a 1997/98 winner, is under contract to Warner Bros. and recently completed filming of Lovers Lane, in Seattle.Second year winner George Wing has signed with Writers & Artists Agency and his winning script, Dragons, has been optioned by Gail Anne Hurd’s production company, which has been responsible for films such as Aliens, The Abyss, and Terminator II.The competition is open to all screenwriters and the deadline for submission is December 13, 1999. Entry applications are available by calling 206-728-8530. There is an entry fee of $35 per script, and writers may submit unlimited scripts to the contest.”