Sound Transit approves $1.1B budget

The Sound Transit Board Thursday approved a $1.1 billion 2014 budget that aims to continue major light rail expansions, carry more than 31 million riders next year, and continue work to update the regional transit Long-Range Plan.

Locally, the budget includes $2.7 million for continued alternative analysis and community engagement for Tacoma’s Link light rail expansion options, the first full year of funding for the tenth round-trip Sounder train between Seattle and Tacoma, and money to maintain service levels on Tacoma’s Link light rail, according to Sound Transit officials.

The budget also includes $221 million for service delivery to carry an expected 31.2 million riders on Sound Transit trains and buses. The budget also includes $15.1 million to complete high-capacity corridor planning studies and update the Long-Range Regional Transit Plan.

In 2014 Sound Transit will also continue the process it began in 2010 to realign plans for delivering Sound Transit 2 projects and services that voters approved in 2008 with current revenue forecasts following the impact of the national recession. With sales tax revenues still not recovered to 2007 levels, revenues through 2023 are now projected to be 29 percent lower than assumed in 2008, according to Sound Transit officials.

“Once again, 2014 will be a busy year for Sound Transit as it plans and builds for the future and keeps us moving today,” said Sound Transit Board Chair and Pierce County Executive Pat McCarthy.

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