Something New on Our Masthead – and on the Web

“Readers of the Tacoma Daily Index may notice two changes we have made to our newspaper masthead at the top of the front page.First, is the replacement of the 1998 All American City badge logo with the new City of Tacoma themeline logo – Tacoma – America’s #1 Wired City. As the City of Tacoma’s official newspaper, we feel that the Index should support attempts to foster an inviting business and economic development climate for this area. This is one small contribution to that effort.Secondly, we have placed the line, Published since 1890 on our masthead. This is to acknowledge that the Index has been a part of the growth of Tacoma for over a century. As we look toward our 110th birthday in May, we like to look back to the changes Tacoma and Pierce County have undergone throughout their recent history, and realize the Index has played a small role in some of the changes that have taken place here.We would also like to encourage our readers to visit our web site at There, you will find our stories are able to be e-mailed, and are archived for future reference. The site features a growing links section, with business and government resources available on-line from our site.The Index site offers national business and general news, weather, a guestbook and more. Please feel free to recommend useful links and resources you would like to see included on the site.We are also developing a business events calendar, for local and regional business happenings, as well as national and international events of interest to some, if not all, of our businesses in Tacoma. Listings for the calendar may be submitted by e-mail to, or faxed to 253-627-2253. We are always pleased to receive news and story ideas from local businesses, and are open to hosting guest-written stories and commentary from local experts in the realm of business and economic development. Please contact me by e-mail or telephone at 253-627-4853 for more information.- Steve Brown”