SlimCrystal Reviews: Is It Legit? What to Know Before Buy!

Drinking bottled water has been frowned upon in recent times. Why? For starters, they use fossil fuels, which implies increased contributions toward global warming and pollution. To our surprise, bottled waters are roughly 3000% more expensive per gallon than tap water. Above anything else, people have been accepting a myth all their lives, i.e., the myth that water from a plastic bottle is cleaner than tap water. It turns out that more testing is actually done on the latter than the former [1].

If all this wasn’t bad enough, one team insists that bottled water is lifeless and how it doesn’t “help our body function effectively.” Put simply, energy is needed to revitalize lifeless water, which might feel burdensome. So, what alternatives do we have here? The purpose of this review is to answer exactly that, and it starts by introducing SLIMCRYSTAL.

What is the SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle?

Founded on decades-long principles deployed by crystal healing experts, the SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle includes crystals to help create “slimming water”. When water sits in this bottle and is later consumed, individuals can anticipate healthy weight loss, digestion, and boosted energy levels. Most of all, the purification processes will give rise to the purest possible source of water for health and long-term youthfulness. Not completely convinced? Let’s try to understand how these crystals work.

How does the SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle work?

The SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle relies heavily on the process of altering water structure to one with a hexagonal cluster. Having such a quality supposedly implies that water is free from pollution and contamination by human processes. Most importantly, this water type is deemed healthier than tap or filtered water. Known methods include magnetizing water through vortexing, exposing water to UV or natural heat or storing water in gemstone water bottles [2].

SLIMCRYSTAL takes the latter approach where water is exposed to gemstones/crystals. In fact, the team chose 9 types including:


Amethyst stone is believed to relieve stress, soothe irritability, balance mood swings, and dissolve negativity.

Clear Quartz

Clear quartz is believed to stimulate the immune system, while ensuring homeostasis. Some people trust this stone can promote mental clarity essential for making healthy eating choices.


The Moonstone is desired for inner growth and strength. The maker also believes it will motivate individuals to work on their goals.


Citrine has been selected for its alleged ability to induce positive energy. In fact, emotional healers rely on this stone to treat depression.


Carneline is chosen for its ability to restore vitality and motivation, all while boosting the metabolism. Women who’ve given SLIMCRYSTAL a try claim to have witnessed a drastic reduction in cellulite presence.


Another stone with metabolism-boosting properties is Sodalite. In addition, it may encourage healthy decision-making surrounding food intake.

Red Agate

Next, we have red agate, a stone poised to bring vitality and to help uplift the fire in everyone’s hearts. Also referred to as the “warrior’s stone”, infusing water with this stone could promote emotional stability, self-confidence, and security.

Red Jasper

Red Jasper is trusted to support the circulatory system, detoxify the blood, and remove any blockages of the liver and bile. Other reported benefits by the SLIMCRYSTAL team include heart-strengthening, and recovery after bypass or transplant surgeries.

Green Aventurine

To wrap things up, we have the Green Aventurine stone. It has been selected for its conceived ability to health the physical body and to encourage a compassionate behaviour.

Together, these crystals are poised to:

  • Increase metabolic rates by up to 23%
  • Boost energy levels and promote natural weight loss
  • Reduce appetite and cravings
  • Support detoxification processes and balance internal organs and hormones

Interestingly, SLIMCRYSTAL has been subjected to independent lab testing, where it was discovered that tap water inside this bottle underwent changes to its molecular structure. Precisely, it took roughly 10 to 14 minutes to sculpt it to the desired hexagonal structure. Other reported improvements include reduced acidity and increased oxygen content.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

Is SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle safe?

The makers pledge that their SLIMCRYSTAL Bottles only include natural crystals that are completely safe for the human body. All bottles have also been manufactured in an FDA-registered facility following GMP guidelines.

How do crystals influence water structure if they are sealed inside a glass chamber?

It is a common misconception that crystal infused water is made in a process that includes the dissolving of minerals. SLIMCRYSTAL water is created using the high energy of crystals, which are transferred to the water.

Will the SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle work for me?

According to the claims made, SLIMCRYSTAL has been proven to support healthy weight loss, and maintain healthy digestion and high energy levels. This solution is meant to work for everyone, regardless of gender and age.

How to use the SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle?

Individuals are recommended to drink 2 to 3 liters of SLIMCRYSTAL water daily for ideally 3 to 6 months.

How does the taste of SLIMCRYSTAL water compare to regular drinking water?

SLIMCRYSTAL water’s taste is comparable to regular water with a subtle difference. The difference has to do with the change in water texture.

What is the best way to clean SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle?

The inner glass chamber (where crystals rest) and the bottom of the bottle must be handwashed using water and soap. Everything else can be washed in the dishwasher.

Do the included crystals need to be recharged for the SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle to work?

The crystals neither must be recharged, nor will they lose their powers. These are natural pieces taken from the earth.

How do I handle the SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle properly?

The bottle might seem fragile, but it isn’t. For proper handling, individuals are asked to avoid impacts, blows or strokes. These should not be dropped, frozen, boiled or microwaved either.

How long will it to take to receive SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle shipments?

On average, it will take anywhere between 5 and 14 business days to receive SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle orders.

Is the SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle protected by a money-back guarantee?

The SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle has been protected by a 60-day money-back guarantee. For details on the eligibility requirements, reach out to the makers by sending an email to support@slimcrystal.com.

What does each SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle include?

Each order consisting of 2 or more SLIMCRYSTAL Bottles also includes bonuses from certified weight loss coach, Aline P. Here’s what the expert had to share regarding this respective bottle:

“When I first heard of the SLIMCRYSTAL bottles I was skeptical and thought it was only a marketing scam […] I decided to test the bottle on myself and on my other clients. And to my surprise, all my clients who started to drink water from SLIMCRYSTAL bottles started to lose weight much easier.”

Bonus #1. Slim Over 55

Slim Over 55 is a new program designed to help men and women just getting started in fitness, are at least 15lbs overweight or want to get back in shape. This program is easy to follow, and thus, is deemed appropriate for people in their 30s, 50s, or even in their 70s. When followed as instructed, Aline pledges the program will result in up to 3lbs of weight loss weekly and improvements in flexibility and endurance.

Bonus #2. Healthy Fat Loss Desserts Cookbook

The second bonus is for all the sweet tooths out there who can’t seem to collect themselves in the presence of desserts. With over 35 delicious recipes and detailed instructional videos, each one should be fairly straightforward to execute. Matter-of-factly, all recipes contain at least 45% protein and are loaded with plenty of vitamins and nutrients. All sugars and unhealthy fats have been avoided as well.

Bonus #3. 57 Secrets to Reversing Aging

Finally, we have an eBook that reveals secrets for increasing energy levels and feeling 10 years younger in just weeks. What are these secrets? They are all proven nutritional tricks that allegedly reverse aging, and promote healthy hair, skin, and joints.

How much does a SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle cost?

SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle prices vary depending on the number of units purchased. Specifically:

  • 1 SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle: $117 each + applicable shipping costs
  • 2+ SLIMCRYSTAL Bottles: $123 each + free shipping

Meet the Creator

The creator of the SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle is Michael Bishop, who was part of a research group investigating the properties of crystals. As someone who was struggling with weight loss, he wanted to put his knowledge to the test. So, he chose 9 crystals based on their healing properties and starting drinking water exposed to them. 2 weeks later, he is said to have lost 3 pounds without making any changes to his diet. After yet another 2 weeks, he lost an additional 4 pounds.

Seeing the results on himself, he wanted to test whether they can be replicated. So, he created a test group with 212 overweight men and women over 40 years of age. Half the group drank 3 liters of water daily, while the other half only drank SLIMCRYSTAL infused water. After the first month, the treatment group lost 5 to 7lbs, whereas the control group’s average weight loss was 0.7lbs.

Final Thoughts

The SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle is founded on the principles of altering water into a hexagonal structure. This is deemed the purest, and cleanest source of living water, which in turn might unleash various health benefits. Although one particular study on the effects of magnetized, structured water proved such source can reduce blood sugar levels and damage to blood and liver DNA, 1) the study was small and 2) results have not been replicated in humans. Moreover, existing evidence seems to be mixed, which makes it harder to confirm statements surrounding water structure on a scientific stance [2].

Besides the aforesaid inconsistencies, our editor team couldn’t verify Aline P.’s credentials and whether she truly gave SLIMCRYSTAL a try. The same goes for claims suggesting that celebrity, Tara Reid was spotted using a SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle. Our editorial team felt equally uncomfortable with the claim that weight loss was achieved without making dietary changes. Lastly, we see that independent tests were performed on the SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle, but the results are not publicly available.

In accordance with everything, individuals will have to decide whether they stand by science or crystal healing. Additionally, it might be best to consult customer support regarding the inconsistent and possibly deceptive tactics used. To learn more about the SLIMCRYSTAL Bottle, visit here>>>.


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