Sleeply Reviewed – Is Sleeply Sleep Aid Worth the Money?

Most people use sedatives like melatonin to induce sleep. Unfortunately, most over-the-counter and prescribed sleep medications are addictive and rarely restore the natural sleep pattern. People who do not get adequate sleep risk developing various health issues, including low immunity, failing metabolism, and declining cognitive health.

Sleep deprivation affects millions of Americans. Chronic lack of sleep can lower a person’s quality of life. Research proves that individuals that get adequate quality sleep have better immunity, high energy levels, and are alert most of the time. Similarly, getting sufficient sleep balances various hormones reducing mood swings and stimulating cellular health.

Sleepily is an innovative supplement comprising natural ingredients that may restore the natural circadian rhythm. Who can use it? How does the sleep formula work?

About Sleeply Dietary Supplement

Jim Hefner is the creator of the Sleeply dietary supplement. He narrates that his demanding career and stress affected his sleeping pattern. Sleep deprivation affected his libido levels, energy, and performance. It also increased anxiety levels forcing his body to stay in the “Flight or Fight” mode.

After a nearly fatal incident, Jim Hefner researched some of the best methods of restoring natural sleep patterns. According to his findings, Jim discovered that dependence on sleeping aids worsens sleep deprivation. For example, artificial melatonin and other ingredients in popular sleeping pills damage a neural part known as “Sleep Dial.”

Sleeply contains ingredients that balance the “Sleep Dial” and restore typical sleep patterns. Each serving helps the users to fall asleep quickly and get sufficient sleep for extended periods. Unlike popular sedatives, Sleeply does not give users any side effects. Instead, the sleep support supplement enables the consumers to wake up full of energy and fully rested. Furthermore, each Sleeply capsule is supposedly safe and in the correct clinical proportions to give users maximum benefits.

How Does Sleeply Work?

Sleeply formulator states that the brain must heal to restore the natural sleep pattern. The key ingredient in Sleeply is (sleep cannabinoid). Chronic sleep issues force the body to produce high cortisol amounts. The stress hormone alters the natural metabolism leading to various health issues.

Sleeply works by lowering cortisol levels and boosting brain health. It restores healthy metabolism enabling the users to enjoy long hours of boundless energy. Similarly, it can repair various cells, thus fortifying immunity.

Jim states that Sleeply repairs the functions of GABA neurotransmitters. Multiple studies indicate that GABA controls the brain’s natural ability to relax and sleep. Sleeply comprises CBN compounds that are a constituent of the hemp plant. CBN supposedly tones down the GABA’s hyperactivity, thus stimulating sleep and restoring the natural sleep cycle.

Active Sleeply Ingredients


All Sleeply ingredients are backed by science. In addition, the formulator assures customers they use pure constituents. Therefore, there are negligible probabilities of health issues from using Sleeply dietary supplements.


CBN is a sleep-inducing compound found in the hemp plant. It has zero psychoactive traces; thus, it cannot give users any “high” feelings. CBN serves as a neuroprotective constituent that may augment GABA functions. The maker of Sleeply states that it can reduce inflammation in the brain cells and restore the normal sleep cycle. Similarly, CBN may also balance moods and lower cortisol levels. Limited studies indicate that CBN may act as a pain reliever.

Shoden Ashwagandha

Per Sleeply’s official website, Shoden Ashwagandha is a bioavailable stress-relieving herb that may inhibit cortisol production. In one study, Ashwagandha was found effective in increasing restorative sleep by up to 42%. Additionally, the ancient herb is scientifically proven to increase the users’ metabolism revving up their energy levels by 57%.

Ashwagandha can alleviate stress and augment motivation by 48 percent. In addition, sleepily makers state that it can stimulate the production of serotonin and balance moods. Limited studies indicate that Ashwagandha may boost cognition by up to 71 percent.

Venetron Rafuma Leaf Extract

Lafuma leaf extra can regulate the brain’s sleep dial enabling the users to enjoy quality sleep. Sleeply makers state that it balances moods and improves brain health. As a result, it can restore the natural sleep cycle.


Clinical studies prove that L-Theanine can optimize the function of GABA. Similarly, it can enhance moods and improve energy levels.

Reishi Mushrooms

Sleeply maker state that Reishi can purify the brain cells and optimize GABA functions. In addition, it benefits the kidneys and suppresses the production of cortisol hormone.

Valerian Root

Valerian root works by binding to the GABA cells hence improving the circadian rhythm. It alleviates stress and promotes better sleep.

Sleeply Features and Benefits

  • Sleeply uses natural ingredients that can restore the natural sleep cycle
  • All Sleeply ingredients are organic and from pure sources
  • Sleeply balances various hormones and may increase insulin sensitivity
  • It can balance mood hormones and stabilize cortisol levels
  • It may improve digestive health, enabling users to utilize nutrients effectively
  • Sleepily boosts sleep, thus facilitating cell regeneration
  • The sleep support may improve energy levels and diminish chronic fatigue
  • Sleepily supports brain health and may augment cognition
  • Sleepily is available without a prescription
  • It may enhance sexual health

Sleeply Dosage

According to Jim Hefner, for about six months, consumers should take two Sleeply capsules daily to restore the natural sleep cycle. The sleep formula is purportedly natural and unlikely to give users any health issues.

Sleeply dietary supplement is not recommended for anyone with health issues, pregnant, or breastfeeding. All customers must consult their doctor before using the Sleeply formula.

Sleeply Pricing

Customers can purchase Sleeply supplements only via the official website. The company takes less than six days to make deliveries in the US. In addition, each Sleeply order comes with a 60-day hassle-free satisfaction guarantee.

First-time customers purchasing more than three Sleeply bottles get two digital books that can improve their sleep cycle. The eBooks are available after payment, and customers receive them via their email address. The bonuses are:

  • Sleep Hygiene: Habits to Help Your Sleep
  • Resetting Your Wellness Guide


Sleeply is a dietary formula comprising five+ ingredients to restore the natural sleep cycle. Each serving can supposedly diminish stress, improve brain health, enhance metabolism, and fortify the user’s immunity. Sleeply maker recommends using the supplement for 3-6 months to restore the natural circadian rhythm.



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