ShopperBox Launches its New Solution to Costly E-commerce Delivery Woes

“ShopperBox Networks, Inc. announced Tuesday it has launched its ShopperBox e-commerce delivery solution.The new ShopperBox is an Internet-connected multiple compartment delivery station that is to be located within multi-family apartment complexes, condominium communities, gated neighborhoods and commercial and office complexes.This proprietary service is designed to allow multi-family complex residents to order products online and then have them delivered and picked up at any time of the day or night.Multi-family residential communities initially will benefit the most from our ShopperBox installations, said company CEO Eli Moreno. According to Forrester Research, the number of missed e-commerce deliveries to multi-family residential communities will double from 80 million this past year to 160 million over the next two years.The ShopperBox delivery station completely solves this missed delivery problem and will revolutionize the current package carrier delivery infrastructure system, Moreno said.Package carriers like United Parcel Service and major home delivery grocery companies will be able to deliver goods 24-hours a day, seven days a week, using the ShopperBox technology. The expanded delivery window should make e-commerce deliveries more convenient for online shoppers and reduce the costs for package delivery companies due to missed deliveries, according to the company.We are very excited at the great potential our new ShopperBox has and the impact that it will have on e-commerce over the next three years, Moreno said. We also feel that this solution is a dream come true for anyone who has waited for hours at home for a delivery from one of the major package carriers.The ShopperBox will also increase online purchases, because consumers will actually be able to receive the delivery without being home to physically accept it, Moreno said.The Tacoma-based company’s stated goal is to implement a worldwide ShopperBox network. E-commerce firms and developing grocery e-tailers in all categories stand to benefit, according to the company. Shipping firms such as UPS and FedEx should see dramatic improvements in the efficiencies of their delivery operations, the firm stated.ShopperBox Networks, formerly, is launching a beta test installation in Tacoma, with expansion throughout the Tacoma/Seattle area and other U.S. cities to follow.”