Schuster Slope: Public meeting April 30 to discuss management plan

The City of Tacoma and Metro Parks Tacoma will hold a public meeting in April to discuss the completed Schuster Slope Management Plan.

The two organizations have entered into an agreement that aims to determine how Schuster Slope can serve the community through the fostering of volunteer stewardship, quality vegetation, and natural resource management plans. The undeveloped area provides important environmental benefits, such as managing stormwater, providing wildlife habitat, and protecting water quality.

The Schuster Slope Management Plan includes a long-range vegetation management approach for the Schuster Slope landscape and is the product of collaboration between the public, the City of Tacoma, Metro Parks Tacoma, and a consulting team.

A public meeting to discuss the plan will be held on Thurs., April 30, between 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m., at the Landmark Convention Center’s Gothic Ballroom, located at 47 St. Helens Ave., in Tacoma.

More information is available online here.


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