Saturday roster set for WebTalkGuys radio program

“On this week’s WebTalkGuys Radio on Saturday, Nov. 11, at 11:30 a.m., the first topic for the show will be: Search, and You Shall Find by guest, Tasha Irvine.Irvine is lead product planner, search & reference, at InfoSpace, (formerly Go2Net, Inc.).Nine out of 10 people online use Internet search engines, a function second only to e-mail in terms of total Web use. InfoSpace, formerly Go2Net, runs the top two metasearch engines – Dogpile and MetaCrawler. A metasearch simultaneously queries more than 10 of the Web’s leading search engines, producing the most comprehensive and efficient search results on the Web today. Irvine, InfoSpace’s Search Queen, will clue listeners in on the importance of search to any site as well as reasons why and how to obtain search technologies.At 11:45 a.m., guest speaker Ron Ehli, CEO of, will discussPaying online? Cut me a is a pioneer in the pay online business. Founded in 1997, PayByCheck was the first to introduce Internet check payments. They were also the first with real-time verification, the first with address verification and the first with live support. The company’s newest features are RentbyCheck, designed for property managers and landlords, as well as DonatebyCheck for non-profit organi-zations. Other new products will make it possible for customers to pay their garbage or phone bills simply by responding to an e-mail. They will also be able to buy from any store on the Internet by clicking on a button and entering a password.Weekly Internet News & Net Investor Coverage is provided by WebTalkGuys co-hosts Rob Greenlee, director of marketing at ShopperBox Networks; Mitch Ratcliffe, chief content officer of and Founder of BigGarden Ventures; and WebGrrl Dana. “