Sands Costner & Associates hold open house at new Tacoma office

“In the photo at right are the staff members of Sands Costner & Associates of Tacoma. From left are: Ben Morrison, Terri Strobel, Paula Sibille, Rachael Costner, Amanda Anson. Back row left to right are: Reba Schwarz, Courtenay Chamberlin, and Mark Ashley. Now shown was Lisa Dunnavant. (Photo by Bonnie West). The office of Sands Costner & Associates was filled with well-wishers at their open house held Thursday evening at their new location, 1019 Pacific Ave., Ste. 1601, Tacoma.The advertising agency was actually re-introducing themselves to the community. They’ve been in the Seattle/Tacoma area for over 25 years, operating under the name of L.J. Sands & Associates.In September, they added a new principal to their leadership, Rachael Costner, and changed their name to reflect her involvement.Costner joined the agency two years ago as creative director, and previously worked with L.J. Sands & Associates as a consultant for a number of years through her business, Graphic Persuasions.She has had a myriad of opportunities over the past 16 years to create advertising and public relations vehicles, coordinate projects, assimilate information and persuade and stimulate audiences through visual presentations, advertising, marketing and graphics.Each of her projects is strategically planned to meet the needs of the client through careful consideration of budget, timeline, target market and present and future goals of the project.We’re looking for memorable, clean, classic designs in the images we create for our clients, as well as sometimes edgy, Costner said. We’re looking for an image that keeps a life, and we stay consistent with that image whether it’s in our client’s advertising in print, on a billboard, or even audio.The walls of Sands Costner & Associates are attractively decorated with dynamic examples of work they’ve done for numerous clients. Among them are: Labor Works, Tacoma Community College, Telco Community Credit Union, Timberland Savings Bank, Evergreen Eye Center, Primo Grill, Snuffin’s Catering and Sportco Warehouse Sporting Goods. We meet with the client and their staff to try to understand their marketing and needs, Costner said.We like to make bold use of color, (and lots of ink!) as we try to capture their essence.The company provides clients with the service and talent it takes to make all aspects of the client’s marketing campaigns successful. They have graphic artists and illustrators to create graphics for printed materials, ads, websites, interactive CDs and television. They also have writers who craft the message, directors for coordinating voice talent, actors and studio work, and media planners for bringing the message to the right target audience with enough frequency to meet the marketing goals. The company can be contacted at 253/572-2415. Visit their website at “