Russell/Mellon Rolls Out New Products for Money Managers

“Russell/Mellon Analytical Services has unveiled new performance measurement and analytic software products during its annual conference for institutional investors and money managers.Culminating an 18-month development effort, the product set now includes global performance measurement, equity and fixed income analytics, attribution, universe analysis, on-line reporting and Internet data delivery.New developments announced include:Universe Comparison Services.Russell/Mellon Trust Universe is designed to be the largest and most purposeful set of investment universes in the marketplace. The product is built to leverage the Internet and utilizes information from a client base representing $2 trillion in performance assets, thousands of institutional portfolios and hundreds of total funds.The product is supplemented with the Russell Manager Universes, which include representative portfolios from thousands of global investment managers.Russell/Mellon’s universe offerings include performance returns, asset allocation, attribution and manager style comparisons, all available with flexible reporting options including desktop software, on-line reports, and Internet-based data delivery.Risk Management.Russell/Mellon recently completed an upgrade and rollout of its investment and compliance monitoring software, Investment Monitor. The product was expanded to include a new service that offers clients the ability to outsource components of their risk and compliance monitoring to the company. Russell/Mellon also announced the availability of a new integrated Value at Risk analysis and reporting capability for clients subscribing to the company’s products and services.Many of the new products and services were exhibited during the conference. Over 140 clients representing over 95 organizations worldwide attended the annual conference.”