Ron Stephens new Deputy Chief

Tacoma Fire Chief Eileen Lewis has appointed Assistant Chief Ron Stephens as the Tacoma Fire Department’s Deputy Chief of the Administrative Services Bureau. Deputy chiefs are second in command to the fire chief.

Stephens, a 27-year veteran of the fire department, was hired in 1977. He was promoted to lieutenant in April 1991 and became training captain in January 1996. In October 1999 he was promoted to Assistant Fire Chief of Fire Prevention and Education, where his responsibilities included being the deputy harbormaster of Tacoma, coordinating the department’s Hazardous Materials Team and serving as the assistant manager of the city’s Emergency Operations Center. He completed an internship with the City Manager’s Office in September 1999. He also served as the department’s Equal Employment Opportunity officer, a job he will continue in his new position.

Stephens’ new job responsibilities include overseeing administrative duties, coordinating fire department recruitment efforts and supervising entry-level hiring of new firefighters. He will also supervise the department’s communications and electrical maintenance divisions.

He replaces former Deputy Chief Gary Schiesz, who retired Jan. 4. Stephens is married, with three children and has been a Tacoma resident for 25 years