Report: Boeing's local economic impact tops $70B

A new report released Wednesday shows the aerospace industry in Washington state is a crucial driver of economic activity, generating $76 billion in annual revenues and employing 135,200 workers across the state.

The Washington Aerospace Partnership (WAP) commissioned the study to fully quantify the economic benefits of the aerospace industry in the state as part of its effort to win Boeing’s 777X production. Community Attributes Inc. performed the analysis by examining all aspects of the aerospace industry: jobs, revenues, wages, firms, and tax revenues accrued to Washington State.

“This study confirms what I think most Washingtonians believe: the aerospace industry is truly a cornerstone of our state’s economy, creating hundreds of thousands of family wage jobs,” said Gov. Jay Inslee. “It also shows what is at stake in keeping production of the 777X here. We have everything to gain from taking action to secure our legacy and our future.”

The study also found the aerospace industry and related industries paid $11.5 billion in wages in 2012, 11 per cent of the total wages paid in the state last year. When employee spending and business-to-business sales are accounted for, Boeing Commercial’s impact alone to Washington State is significant. For every direct job in support of Boeing’s aircraft production, an additional 1.8 jobs are supported elsewhere in Washington (a multiplier of 2.8), equal to 207,600 jobs statewide and nearly $13 billion in wages and salaries.

Other key findings include:

  • Aerospace export sales from Washington State totaled over $37 billion dollars, showing growth of $9.5 billion dollars and 34 per cent from 2011 and representing 49 per cent of all Washington State goods exports (based on 2012 dollars);
  • Boeing Commercial’s activities in Washington supported-via direct, indirect, and induced impacts-over $476 million dollars in tax revenue to the State in 2012;
  • Since 2004, the aerospace industry has supported $4 billion in state revenues;
  • Boeing Commercial Airplanes delivered 601 airplanes in 2012. The 737 and 777 lines continue to lead sales at Boeing and drive economic activity across the state. In 2012, the 737 line represented an estimated $21 billion dollars in sales, while the 777 line represented total sales of $14 billion dollars;
  • The direct impact of the 777 line to Washington State includes an estimated 19,800 jobs at Boeing in support of aircraft final assembly and $2.5 billion in wages and salaries;
  • Factoring in total impacts across the state economy, the 777 program alone supports an estimated $20.1 billion in annual economic activity, 56,600 jobs, and $3.2 billion in wages and benefits. Production of 777 aircraft in Washington also supported $132.9 million dollars in fiscal benefits to the State;
  • In 2011, 338 firms took advantage of aerospace tax invectives, representing an employment base of 100,000 workers;
  • Boeing’s impact in Washington also includes corporate contributions including over $51 million dollars in charitable giving to Washington State organizations by the Boeing Company, its employees, and retirees in 2012.

A complete summary of the report is available online at

WAP aims to to secure Washington’s position to win Boeing’s 777X production by creating an alliance of business, government and labor leaders throughout the state. “Working together, we can demonstrate that Washington continues to be the best place in the world to design and build the 777X and secure our leadership position for years to come,” said WAP co-chair Bob Drewel. “The payback benefits not just the aerospace industry, but tens of thousands of families across Washington whose livelihoods are connected to this economic engine.”