Report abandoned autos to City Web site

In an effort to keep neighborhoods from unnecessary and unsightly blight, the City of Tacoma has regulations for properly parking vehicles in residential areas. Those who are in violation of the parking rules can now be reported to the abandoned autos Web site .

If you witness a vehicle that is blocking public rights-of-way, obstructing traffic or jeopardizing public safety; parked in the same spot for longer than seven days or parked against traffic; is unlicensed, inoperable, abandoned, dissembled, or dilapidated vehicles on the street or in the city right-of-way; a vehicle parked the wrong way (against traffic) or any bus, trailer, semi-truck or other commercial vehicle on a residential street longer than an hour you are encouraged to report the vehicle.

In addition to the Web site, the City offers an automated abandoned autos hotline. When reporting an abandoned vehicle using the hotline or the online reporting tool, you will need to include the following: the location, description of the vehicle and the license plate number, if available. Once a complete report is made, an abandoned vehicle enforcement officer will respond to most complaints the following day. If the officer finds a vehicle to be in violation, a warning tag will be placed on the vehicle.

After a vehicle has been tagged the owner has up to seven days to remove it. If the vehicle has not been removed after that time, the City has the authority to impound and/or dispose of the vehicle at the registered owner’s expense.

If you witness parking violations or are experiencing abandoned auto issues within city limits, you are encouraged to use the abandoned autos online reporting system or to call the abandoned auto hotline at (253) 591-5926, 24-hours a day, seven days a week for assistance.