Red Light Photo Enforcement Program starts next week

In an effort to reduce collisions and make City streets safer, Tacoma will begin its new red light photo enforcement program Mon., Aug. 6. Cameras and violation sensors will monitor three of the city’s highest-risk intersection approaches – starting with the intersection of 72nd and Pacific Avenue. Two additional intersections, 84th and S. Hosmer and 56th and South Tacoma Way, are expected to be added next week. The City plans to add more intersections to this program in the near future.

The program is seen by City officials as an important step to improve the safety and flow of local traffic. However, the City is giving drivers who live, work, or travel through Tacoma a 30-day grace period before actual citations are issued. For the first 30 days violators will only be issued warning notices. After the 30 day grace period (Aug. 6 – Sept. 4) violators will be sent a citation for $101. Tacoma’s red light enforcement program will be administered by Redflex Traffic Systems, Inc., an Arizona-based provider of traffic safety photo enforcement. Redflex provides similar in Arizona, California, Colorado, North Carolina, Ohio and Oregon.