Reclamation prohibits fireworks at North Dam for this Fourth of July due to dry conditions

Consistent with a Bureau of Land Management fire restrictions order, the Bureau of Reclamation will prohibit fireworks on North Dam for the Independence Day holiday. Dry, fire-prone vegetative conditions in eastern Washington have warranted this decision.

“Safety is our primary concern, and due to extremely dry conditions, we will prohibit the use of fireworks at North Dam,” said Power Manager Coleman Smith. “Reclamation will allow the permitted fireworks display at Grand Coulee Dam to continue at the top of dam for the Fourth of July festivities and encourages you to come and enjoy the show,” he added. Smith cited a low risk of fireworks reaching the surrounding lands as a reason for allowing the fireworks display to proceed.

There have been multiple wildfires in eastern Washington this season. These conditions prompted the Bureau of Land Management to issue the fire restrictions order, which includes the Grand Coulee Dam area, beginning June 22.

North Dam, an earthen dam, is surrounded by trees and grasses; therefore, Reclamation is taking precautionary measures to decrease the potential for wildland fire starts. In wetter conditions, a permit can be obtained to shoot fireworks from North Dam.

The fireworks will begin immediately after the One River, Many Voices laser light show. For more information, contact Lynne Brougher at (509) 633-9503. Also, please visit to learn days and times for the laser show.

To read more about the BLM fire restrictions order, visit the BLM website at


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