Re: LL&C Partnership DECLARATION OF FORFEITURE Pursuant to the Revised

Re: LL&C Partnership DECLARATION OF FORFEITURE Pursuant to the Revised Code of Washington Chapter 61.30.040 TO: LL&C Partnership John Loomis, Partner 15811 SE Hawthorne Ct Portland, OR 97233 LL&C Partnership 1911 SW Campus Drive Suite #421 Federal Way, WA 98023 LL&C Partnership Mary Loomis, Partner 15811 SE Hawthorne Ct Portland, OR 97233 LL&C Partnership Jesse A. Loomis, Partner 16230 SE Brooklyn Street Portland, OR 98723 All Occupants 14408 Portland Ave. SW Lakewood, WA 98498 City of Lakewood Finance Department 6000 Main Street Lakewood, WA 98499 (a) The name, address and telephone number of the Seller: Richard Rabisa, Surviving Trustee, U.D.T., dated 12/23/1995 2 Thornewood Lane SW Lakewood, WA 98498 Phone: (253) 589-2311 (b) Description of Contract: Real Estate Contract dated September 27, 2004, executed by John Loomis, Mary Loomis, and Jesse A. Loomis, Partners of L L & C Partnership, as Purchasers, which Contract was recorded on October 6, 2004, under Pierce County Auditor's Recording No. 200410060930. (c) Legal description of property: Legal description of the property (commonly known as 14408 Portland Ave. SW, Lakewood, WA 98498): 1. Real property: LOT 14 IN BLOCK 65 OF AMERICAN LAKE, AS PER PLAT RECORDED IN VOLUME 9 OF PLATS, PAGE 28, RECORDS OF PIERCE AUDITOR; SITUATED IN THE CITY OF LAKEWOOD, COUNTY OF PIERCE, STATE OF WASHINGTON. Tax Parcel No. 2200003200 2. Personal property: 1970 Frontr Mobile Home, Series 44VT122, VIN: 2061. Tax Parcel No. 4153014800 (d) Forfeiture: The Contract described above is forfeited, the Purchaser's rights under the Contract are cancelled and all right, title and interest in the property of the Purchaser and of all persons claiming an interest in the Contract, the property, or any portion of either through the Purchaser, are terminated except the following persons and claims: None. (e) Surrender of possession: All persons whose rights in the property have been terminated and who are in or come into possession of any portion of the property (including improvements and unharvested crops) are required to surrender such possession to the Seller not later than: March 1, 2016, or ten (10) days after this Declaration of Forfeiture is recorded. (f) Compliance with statutory procedure: The Contract forfeiture was conducted in compliance with all the requirements of RCW 61.30 and the applicable provisions of the Contract described above. (g) Action to set aside: The Purchaser and any person claiming any interest in the Purchaser's rights under the Contract or in the property who were given the Notice of Intent to Forfeit and the Declaration of Forfeiture have the right, by filing and serving the Summons and Complaint within sixty days after the date of the Declaration of Forfeiture is recorded, to commence a court action to set aside the forfeiture if the Seller did not have the right to forfeit the Contract or failed to comply with the provisions of RCW 61.30. Ledger Square Law, P.S. 710 Market Street Tacoma, WA 98402 IDX-684337 February 23