Case Number:


Nature of Case: Child/Family Protection Petition – ADJUDICATORY HEARING

Case Name: In re the welfare of J.H. (DOB:08/07/2020 ) SUMMONS AND NOTICE OF HEARING

TO: WHOM IT MAY CONCERN UNKNOWN FATHER A Child/Family Protection Petition has been filed August 12th, 2020 regarding the above-named child. YOU ARE HEREBY SUMMONED to personally appear before the Children’s Court of the Puyallup Tribe of Indians for a FORMAL ADJUDICATORY HEARING and date, time and location below:

DATE: Thursday December 3rd, 2020 TIME: 1:30PM

LOCATION: 1451 EAST 31ST ST., TACOMA, WA 98404 At the formal adjudicatory hearing the petitioner must prove that the allegations raised in the child/family protection petition are more likely true than not and that the best interests of the child will be served by continued Court intervention.

The Court will either find the allegations of the child/family protection petition to be true or dismiss the child/family protection petition, unless continued to allow the presentation of further evidence.

If you do not respond to the petition within 20 days or appear for the formal adjudicatory hearing, the Court may find you in default and enter a default order of child/family protection and order necessary intervention and appropriate steps you must follow to correct the underlying problem(s).

To mitigate the COVID-19 outbreak, this hearing will be conducted telephonically. You must contact the Court for the dial-in instructions at least one business day before your hearing. Copies of the Civil Complaint and Summons are available by contacting the Court. NOTICE, PURSUANT TO TRIBAL CODE SECTION 7.04.750, THE COURT MAY FIND THE PARENT, GUARDIAN OR CUSTODIAN IN DEFAULT FOR FAILURE TO RESPOND OR APPEAR AT A COURT HEARING. THIS MAY RESULT IN YOUR CHILD (REN) BEING PLACED IN ANOTHER HOME AND THE PARENT ORDERED TO CORRECT CERTAIN PROBLEMS.

A copy of the Petition and an Advisement of Rights is available at the Court Clerk’s office.

You may call Puyallup Tribe Children’s Services for more information about your child. The caseworker’s name is Brigette Puente and the telephone number is 253-680-5532.

DATED this 6th day of October, 2020 for more information, please call the Puyallup Tribal Court Clerk at 253-680-5585.


October 8, 15, 22, 2020