Purple Garden Psychic Reading Review: How Accurate are these Tarot Card Readers?

Do you urgently need answers about your life? Do you feel lost and need some direction? Purple Garden is a popular psychic reading platform that connects users with experienced psychics. The platform features specialists in various areas, such as love reading, tarot readings, dream analysis, astrology, and more.

From the makers of Bitwine and Purple Ocean, Purple Garden allows you to connect with psychic readers from the comfort of your home. The platform allows users to get readings through video, chat, and voice calls. Moreover, the users can choose which psychic they want to work with.

If you can’t decide which psychic reading platform you should go for, you have come to the right place. This Purple Garden review will take you through everything you need to know about this platform. Is it worth it?

Brand Overview: Purple Garden


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Are you stuck in your marital life or suffering from a toxic relationship? Do you want to know about your future beforehand? Maybe you are lost, and you need someone to guide you on the way. Purple Garden psychic readers is an online psychic reading website that lets you talk with professionals who can help you and give you a piece of expert advice on your problems.

Search among dozens of profiles to discover a psychic counselor that specializes in romance, business, wellness, and other subjects.

Psychics offer live readings via chat, webcam, and audio calls. You can easily have a close look at the psychic list to find out the experts in the subject that are causing you problems. Consultants with various degrees of knowledge and budgets are available on this site.

Moreover, you won’t have to wait hours for your answer. The consultant at this website connects with you immediately and answers all your queries.


  • Live video reading sessions
  • Credit for fresh users
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Experienced Psychics
  • Free transcripts available
  • Massive variety of reading types


  • Poor customer support
  • No email support
  • No reading before payment

Is Purple Garden a Credible Fortune Telling Website?

Psychic accounts appeared to have the maximum trustworthiness throughout the website or app. The users can see when they first registered, the total number of readings they’ve given, and their median star review.

Several of the platform’s psychics have provided multiple readings and still have an excellent overall rating, which gives the users additional confidence in the app and website’s legitimacy.

Purple Garden, in truth, doesn’t provide many details regarding its record or experience as a psychic reading service. It does not mention how long the site has been operational, and no promises or client testimonials define the website. However, its readers more than make up for this by being top-quality service providers.

What Makes Purple Garden Psychic Reader Different From Other Astrological Sites?

For online psychic readings from a Purple Garden psychic, you have several communication platforms. Chat with professional psychics who can provide you with internet readings with comfort and privacy. This portal’s psychic communicators may offer readings through a regular conversation conducted via video and voice messaging.

Look through the accounts and choose the ones that best fit your requirements for internet psychic readings.

Here is why the purple garden is different from others:

  • Reputation as a Company

The Purple Garden enjoys an outstanding reputation as a company that no other rival has. Furthermore, the purple garden has maintained its image pretty well over the years.

A big reason for their excellent reputation is their honesty and transparency. First of all, some psychic websites on the internet scam you over money. Such websites will give you an estimated purple garden cost of reading and, after the session, they will add different taxes in the amount to charge you more. Then the customer is left with no other option but to pay.

On the other hand, the Purple Garden might be reasonably more pricey than some other brands in the industry. However, they are not scammers. This website tells you the whole amount before the session, and there is further addition or taxation on the quoted amount.

Other than that, the experienced psychics and an extensive network of satisfied customers are the pillars of their reputation. As the saying goes, “one satisfied customer brings two more customers.” The Purple Garden took it seriously.

  • Psychic Mediums From Several Sources

Purple Garden’s online psychics can assist you with psychic readings if you’re looking for direction or solutions to some problematic issues. Every psychic has to go through a testing process to prove the worth of their readings.

Hand readings, psychic readings, tarot card readings, and heavenly insights are among the solutions they provide. To see the entire background of each psychic you’re curious about, including their talents and resources, click on their name.

You may also examine the cost and reviews of each psychic medium. Both are different from psychic to psychic. Some psychics provide readings through text, audio, or video, while others only offer a few more alternatives.

Many people favor this website because it was created to make it simple for new users to locate the best live psychics. Before arranging a complete session, you may also receive a video meeting with the psychic you want.

You may also base your decision on reviews. While the site is a little more costly than others, the price is totally transparent, so you receive exactly what you see regarding psychic readings and predictions. However, the website does not provide many promotions and discounts.

  • Different Options for Live Communication

For online psychic readings and predictions from a Purple Garden psychic, you have several contact methods. This category includes audio and conversation on chat and video calls. Although, not every psychic or free psychic reading will provide all three. VIP customers can also try out a reading for free.

You shouldn’t have to be glued to your computer or Google ‘psychic reading around me’ to get a psychic medium prediction or reading. There is also an android and IOS version of the website that you may use on the move.

So, you don’t have the opportunity to rest? Simply receive a psychic reading near you while commuting to work or performing activities. You can access it from both the iPhone and Android, as it runs smoothly on both operating systems.

Moreover, you also have different language options like Spanish, Korean, Japanese, English, and many more.

  • Special Focus On Keeping Things Private

You could use the chat feature if you’ve never really had a reading from a psychic previously or if you’re an introvert who prefers not to talk face-to-face. All psychic medium predictions and readings that are offered via Purple Garden are securely stored.

If you are reluctant to reveal your real name on the website, it won’t ask you a second time. Psychics will continue to provide you with high-quality readings that would never be discussed with anyone else.

The only thing which annoys the customers is the non-availability of free reading even for the fresh customers.

The Purple Garden Tarot Spread Main Highlights

Purple psychics is an industry-leading website that has many unique features which set it apart from the competition. Some prominent highlights of this psychic reader website are:

  • Wide Selection Pool

To help you, Purple Garden psychic readers use the perception of reality and extraordinary talents. Psychic readers at Purple Garden specialize in a variety of areas, such as:

  • Hand reading predictions
  • Astronomy and fortune tellers
  • Oracle advice
  • Angelic revelations
  • Nightmare studies
  • Card readings
  • Psychic readings
  • Love coaches

You may go through the accounts when you access the site. To view a snapshot of each psychic, as well as their specific powers and reading equipment, try clicking on their names.

The price per minute, which differs depending on the psychic as well as whether you book a session by chat, audio, or video, will also be disclosed upfront.

Purple Garden is preferred by users since it has new items that assist you in selecting the best psychic for your needs. Most psychics have video clips available so that you can have a flavor for them before booking a consultation.

Purple Garden, on the other hand, misses some of the opening deals and promotions that competitor sites frequently provide.

  • Communication Method

Purple Garden’s psychic counselors provide a variety of online reading choices. There are multiple methods of communication available which are easy and private. VIP customers can check out a session for free with the Tryouts tool.

  • Security and Privacy

It is a natural phenomenon that you won’t like to reveal your name when you are discussing some very personal issues with a person. Purple Garden is the best alternative in such a case which does not require you to talk to the psychic personally. You can communicate with them from your own home with complete privacy.

Such privacy and security give you peace of mind. Moreover, you have the option of using live chat, video, or voice to talk with the psychic. You may also register a new ID to avoid having to give your full name.

You’ll get a proper insight into who you’ll be speaking with before you schedule your appointment since each psychic seems to have an early preview with their description. There are reviews and testimonials on every advisor’s profile, regardless of how long they have been in the business.

What Type of Horoscope Does Purple Garden Offer?

At Purple Garden, there are an endless number of psychics in each area (8 in total), so you’ll always have more than enough choices to select from.

Moreover, the filtering process is also one of the best in the industry. You will only get the best psychics through filters. The following are the main types of reading Purple Garden offers:

  1. Dream Analysis

One of the best aspects of Purple Garden for iPhones would be that it makes it highly convenient to speak with a dream analyst at any moment. So, if you awaken from a strange dream and would like to talk to a psychic about it before forgetting the specifics, then all you must do is grab your phone!

Throughout many circumstances, you dream when your subconscious mind is attempting to warn you about someone or something. It often warns about encouraging recovery, supporting you in handling your concerns, or urging you to just let go or move on from a mishap.

All these are serious topics that your brain is quietly nagging you about since it requires the storage capacity for other difficulties and to keep your metabolism and health division at their best.

Honestly, paying enough attention to your thoughts is far more critical than you may realize. Moreover, dream analysis is highly worth researching — all you must do is call your preferred psychic the day following a dream and ask for their response.

  1. Relationship Mentorship

A relationship is one of the most complicated topics on earth. Almost every human has a different perspective about love. Therefore, it becomes difficult to advise someone in this domain. However, if you fell in love with someone, had a divorce, want to propose to someone, or looking to get married, you should consult Purple garden immediately.

In some manner, the psychics in this area will all focus on romance and relationship difficulties. As a result, it’s worthwhile to go over this section because each relationship counselor’ may bring a unique set of talents to the party.

  1. Oracle Guidance

Oracle cards are somewhat similar to tarot cards. However, their messages are less precise and simpler to interpret. Only an expert can understand tarot card readings. However, oracle card readings can be understood by those with even low knowledge about them.

They may be read on their own and send a basic but powerful statement, while a tarot card itself is often too biased because it has many alternative implications that are more context-dependent. Angel oracle cards and psychic oracle cards are the most popular types of oracle cards.

Crystal ball readings (like you have seen in movies and cartoons), I-ching, Runes, and sometimes even crystal deciphering can be examples of Oracle assistance.

  1. Palm Readings

Palm reading is another difficult task to pull off! However, the psychics at the purple garden are a pro in it. Usually, palm readings require knowledge of astrology and the psychics of purple garden excel in it.

Reap the benefits of a palm reading to understand what your life holds in store for you and where you’re headed.

But remember that if you are not satisfied with where your life is going, you may make lifestyle changes, and when you do, the marks on your palms will alter as well. Having a professional palm reader on board can keep you informed about how you are creating the world you wish.

  1. Tarot Card Readings

Tarot readings are, without a doubt, the most neglected sort of reading. They tell a lot of details about a person’s past, present, and future. Moreover, they usually assist a psychic with natural abilities in bringing their dreams to life.

Tarot readings may also provide a perception of time and inform you of what you should be doing against what you are doing. It helps you to manage your life more accurately and brings some balance. It also warns you to beware of any changes or problems that are on your way.

Some people consider tarot card reading an old idea. However, psychics know its worth pretty well.

  1. Angel Insights

For those who believe in the paranormal world, angel insights are a good way of achieving inner satisfaction. Angel insights mean that you will get connected to an angel, and the angel will guide you in your life and make predictions about what is going to happen in the coming future.

Angel insight can also be used to evaluate who is jealous of you and who is your well-wisher.

  1. Astrology and Horoscopes

If you are someone who believes in the horoscope, the purple garden should be your next stop. The purple garden offers astrology and horoscope-related readings by some of their astrological psychics.

Horoscopes and zodiac signs can also be foreseen, and it’s a true art. Getting an astrology or horoscope session should be on everyone’s wish list if they don’t understand how well the planets align for them.

How Do Purple Garden Fortune Teller Works?

Purple Garden’s services are exclusively available through a smartphone application. So, sadly, if you don’t have a cellphone, you’re out. But don’t give up hope. Other than that, their website is very responsive and easy to use, even for those who are using it for the first time.

It’s simple to contact a Purple Garden psychic if you own a cellphone. To participate, just download the app, join, and select your psychics.

All of the psychics’ important information is visible when viewing their profiles, which is a fantastic bonus.

The Purple Garden Application

With the launch of the mobile application, Purple garden has made a huge move and made everything easier for the customers. Moreover, all the customers of this website never faced any technical issues with the website due to its straightforward interface.

Here are some of the most notable features of their mobile application:

  • User-Friendly Interface

Most of the psychic applications on the internet have confusing interfaces with tons of options and commands upfront. Meanwhile, the purple garden is on a whole different level. The easy-to-use interface of the purple garden website is a big relief for the users.

Moreover, the speed of application is also satisfactory. Moreover, the entire program is well-thought-out, sleek, and simple to use. Purple Garden’s creators have considered everything you might need to assist you in making an intelligent selection about which psychic to select.

The only downside of their website is its outdated look. Although it does the job pretty well and has simple-to-navigate options, some users think that they should upgrade the look of their application.

  • Transparency

There are no hidden costs in the whole application. The application will give you an exact amount of value (not estimated) that you will have to pay at the end of the session. Moreover, the purple garden won’t charge you a single buck more. You will save a significant amount on taxes and other hidden charges.

This transparency gives you peace of mind, especially if you are on a tight budget.

  • The Psychics

Here on Purple Garden app, you may pick from a huge range of psychics. The majority of them have beautiful profile images to assist you in picking out the psychics you prefer, and the majority of them also make video clips so that you could have an accurate idea of the psychic’s personality before hiring them.

You may also get a summary of the psychics’ review statistics, see the users’ remarks, and keep a record of all the psychics you’ve lately watched. It’s an open and honest service. (Once again, it all depends on whether you’re a lover of apps or not!)

  • Screening of Psychics

You aren’t at the mercy of a psychic in the Purple Garden application. They have a strict screening policy for all of their psychics, either beginner or experienced. Psychics who would like to read for Purple Garden must first fill out the form that involves a trial reading.

They do not even read for them if the psychic can’t give them a precise reading. This indicates that, in general, Purple Garden psychics are trustworthy and dependable.

  • Good Value

At first sight, the prices of Purple Garden might look high for you. However, if you consider all the factors, including psychic screening, transparent pricing, and the experience of psychics, things seem to go back into their place.

The Purple Garden app and its services provide an excellent value for the money they charge, and you won’t feel like you wasted even a single penny. You might see other psychic reading sites providing their services at lower than Purple GArden’s cost. However, make a proper comparison of both websites’ services, and you will find better value in the purple Garden.

  • Guarantee

Although Purple Garden does not offer any kind of assurance, it still has a refund program. If the customer contacts the support staff within three days following the reading, the purple garden promises to issue a refund. This whole process makes little sense for the customer. There is no guarantee but still a refund?

The customer must give precise data on the reading in concern, like the day, place, and reader’s details, as well as an explanation for the reimbursement. The Purple Garden customer support staff will evaluate it on your account after it has been filed.

The terms under which Purple Garden decides to offer a refund are unknown throughout this procedure. It’s also important to note that they specify directly that reimbursements can be whole or half, and in credits or actual cash, at the firm’s choice.

Purple Garden also doesn’t say how long it takes for them to conclude.

This isn’t the greatest of assurances, but you can reduce the danger by using them for a twenty-minute reading on the very first day. When you’re not sure if you want to bear the gamble, evaluate every step of you carefully.

  • The Profiles of Psychics

The Purple Garden is loud and clear about its psychics and does not favor them over you at all. Some scam psychic websites on the internet delete negative reviews from the psychic’s profile and also upload fake positive reviews.

However, the Purple Garden is the opposite in this manner. You will see every review on the psychic’s profile without manipulation of even a single word. This is the way it has an extensive network of customers.

  • The Overall Application Service

Purple Garden looks to provide a high-quality service. They are performing the majority of the stuff that should be necessary to assist you in minimizing the dangers of getting a psychic reading. They make the entire experience even better, simple to use, and highly engaging.

Furthermore, they show their commitment to assisting others by offering the ‘Journey’ feature, which helps you by connecting you with comparable real-world experiences that someone else has experienced and from which you may learn.

Nobody is perfect, and neither is Purple Garden. It needs to bring some improvement in the return policy. Either don’t offer a money-back at all or clear the terms and conditions beforehand with the customers. This way, the customers will know precisely what they are going into.

Other than that, the whole experience of the website is satisfying.

  • Added Extra Feature

You’ll probably stumble across a tool called Journeys if you install the Purple Garden application and spend a bit of time browsing it. Journeys is a community where real people tell their own experiences about why they obtained psychic help, how their adviser told them, and how the advice affected their life.

The journey is an excellent resource for learning about the consumer experience. You may also write your own experience and post it in the community if you feel confident doing so.

This option is only available on the Purple Garden app. It might take some time to be available for the computer version.

Purple Garden-IMAGE

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Conclusion: Are Purple Garden Tarot Readings Reliable?

You’ll need to install the Purple Garden application on your mobile phone to use the platform at its full potential. This is the best possible way to get readings, particularly since the phone and video features aren’t available on the computer.

Whereas this method separates the site from some of its rivals, you should be aware there is no proper return policy or assurance of satisfaction. Purple Garden openly says that the site should only be used for pleasure reasons.

As soon as you’re informed of this, you’ll be able to appreciate the application for what it is: a fast and enjoyable method to communicate with psychics on the move.

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