Property tax statements reflect I-747 limit

The Initiative 747 tax limit approved by the state’s voters last November are applied to tax bills sent out earlier this month by the Assessor-Treasurer’s Office.
In fact, the tax statements note that “I-747 Tax Limit has been applied.”
The initiative limits tax levies that haven’t been specifically approved by the voters to 1 percent more than the previous year.
While I-747 caps the amount of revenue collected, it doesn’t affect taxpayers’ property values, which are set by the surrounding market values and documented by the Assessor-Treasurer’s Office.
Assessor-Treasurer Ken Madsen agrees property taxes and how they are determined can be confusing.
“I am committed to ensuring that property owners pay only their fair share, not a penny more and not a penny less,” he said.
Taxpayers who haven’t received their statements by March 17 should request a tax statement by calling the office’s customer service hotline at 253/798-6111 and providing the parcel number and address.
Property owners whose taxes are paid by mortgage companies don’t receive statements, because they are mailed to the mortgage companies.
Those individuals can obtain a copy of the statement at or by calling the customer service hotline. First-half taxes are due April 30.
State law presumes property owners know that property taxes are due and payable each year.
Statements were mailed this month to owners of the more than 300,000 parcels in Pierce County.
Madsen said the office’s Web site offers a variety of taxpayer services and information and is particularly helpful during “tax season” when the counter staff and phones are especially busy.