Primal Life Organics Natural Teeth Whitening System Reviews – Worth Buying?

The LED Teeth Whitening System from Primal Life Organics is an advanced teeth whitening system that combines activated charcoal and LED lights to clean and whiten your teeth.

According to Primal Life Organics, their new system is the market’s most advanced, effective, and fastest teeth whitening kit. Plus, it whitens your teeth, kills plaque-causing bacteria, and protects your teeth from future stains.

Could this teeth whitening system be right for you? Read our full review of Primal Life Organics’ new teeth whitening system to learn whether it may be the right one for you.

What Is Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening System?

As briefly mentioned, the new teeth whitening system from Primal Life Organics combines a “white activated gel” and an LED mouthpiece to clean your mouth, whiten your teeth, and protect them from future staining.

According to the manufacturer, it is their most effective and fastest acting teeth whitening system to date. In fact, Pure Life Organics claims some users have claimed their teeth have become 6 shades lighter within the first 16 minutes of putting the system in action.

Let’s take a look at the two-part system closer:

LED Mouthpiece: The LED Mouthpiece is a simple, comfortable mouthpiece you place in your mouth for 16 minutes a day. It is comprised of silicone for maximum comfort and the manufacturer claims the LED lights can scrub and clean your teeth from years of discoloration from years of coffee, tea, red wine, sugars, etc.

White Activated Gel: The White Activated Gel is composed of various oils and other natural ingredients meant to whiten your teeth. The gel is primarily what is responsible for cleaning, whitening, and protecting your teeth from future stains. Pure Life Organics claims it has a minty taste and smell and isn’t unpleasant or difficult to apply unlike other teeth whitening systems.

How Does the Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening System Work?

Most teeth whitening systems work – at least to some extent. However, Pure Life Organics claims their teeth whitening system goes above and beyond other teeth whitening systems by taking a complete approach to oral health and whitening.

Here’s how it works:

Blue & Red Light Therapy

A large part of this teeth whitening system relies on both red & blue light therapy to improve your oral health and to whiten your teeth.

According to Pure Life Organics, their mouthpiece contains 16 red lights to improve wound healing, relieve pain, improve tissue repair, and to prevent mouth sores. It also contains 16 blue lights to light plaque and to help whiten your smile.

Combined, this therapy provides virtually instantaneous results by lifting years of stains from coffee, red wine, acidic juices, or poor brushing.

White Activated Gel Whitening & Protection

Most teeth whitening systems simply rely on LED lights to whiten your teeth. Pure Life Organics took it a step further with their White Activated Gel, which we briefly touched on in the above section.

This gel contains ingredients like diatomaceous earth clay, sodium bicarbonate, and almost a dozen essential oils. Diatomaceous earth and sodium bicarbonate both “scrub” your teeth from the debris on the surface to make your teeth appear whiter & brighter. They also protect your teeth from future stains as well.

In addition, many of the essential oils found in the gel, such as peppermint and spearmint, are known to kill bacteria that cause teeth to decay and for plaque to build. These essential oils also leave your breath smelling fresh so you can confidently smile without worrying about whether or not your breath may be bad.

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How to Use the System

Pure Life Organics wanted to make their system as easy as possible so that everyone can use it and experience real results. This is why the process is a simple six step process that will take less than 5 minutes of your time each day.

  • Step 1: Apply 0.5 ml of REAL WHITE GEL to finger and apply directly to the teeth, or apply to the mouthpiece (0.25 ml top/ 0.25 ml bottom). RECAP tip after use.
  • Step 2: Hold for 1.5s to turn on LED device, quickly press to switch between modes, Red, Blue, Combo
  • Step 3: Insert the mouthpiece into your mouth. Do not bite.
  • Step 4: Device will shut off after 16 mins
  • Step 5: Remove mouthpiece after 16 minutes. Rinse your teeth with warm water.
  • Step 6: Wash the mouthpiece with warm water after use.

According to the manufacturer, simply follow this process once a day for 5-6 days during the first week. Then, once you reach the desired whiteness, you can follow a maintenance routine of one application every week or two weeks to maintain your newfound beautiful smile.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

Pure Life Organics claims that some users can see physical changes after only the first use. They claim that some users experience a change in the shade of their teeth up to 6 shades lighter. However, results vary from person to person and can depend on a number of things.

Virtually all users notice a “significant” change within the first week of use and over 99% of users have reported improvements by the end of the 20-day kit. Keep in mind, you may have to use the kit again if you’re a frequent coffee drinker, wine drinker, or drink a lot of acidic juices, which wear down the enamel of your teeth.

Overall though, expect changes within the first few days of use with improvements as you continue use.

How to Order Primal Life Organics Teeth Whitening System

The best place to order the Pure Life Organics Teeth Whitening System is to order from the official website. There, you’ll see that the system costs $199.97 for a one time payment. They claim the system lasts up to 15 years, which comes down to a little over a dollar per month of use.

Every order is also covered by a 30-day money back guarantee. According to the system, this is how it works,

“We put our hearts and souls into building Pure Life Organics LLC as the most safe, friendly, and reliable online shopping destination. You are protected by our 30 days, no questions asked money back guarantee.”

To receive a refund, simply contact the manufacturer within 30 days and you’ll receive a full refund.

What’s Included in the Kit?

If you order the Pure Life Organics Teeth Whitening System, you’ll receive the complete kit needed to whiten and brighten your smile within days. The kit includes:

  • One LED whitener with attached adapters
  • One travel case
  • 1x 10ml (20 treatments) syringes of Real White Gel

Since the teeth whitening system is USB based, there is no extra trays or batteries needed to use the system. This is just another reason why this teeth whitening system is rated so much higher than leading competitors.

Final Recap

Upwards of 80% of individuals claim they would prefer a whiter and brighter smile. Now, this is actually possible with the teeth whitening system from Pure Life Organics.

In fact, since its’ launch, tens of thousands of people all over the world have transformed their smile using this elite, simple teeth whitening system.

Within just a few days, you too can have a beautiful, white, and shiny smile. To experience arguably the best teeth whitening system for yourself, visit the official website of Primal Life Organics and order your kit today while supplies still last.



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