Powerscourt Exits ISP Business

“Struggling Internet Service Provider, Powerscourt, LLC of Tacoma, has arranged for Telisphere Communications to take over its customer base, according to Bill Towey of Powerscourt. Customers of Powerscourt should be contacted by Telisphere this week, Towey said, in a call from Cleveland.Powerscourt has decided to exit the ISP business for reasons beyond our control, Towey said. I refuse to be held hostage by Click! (Network).Powerscourt’s ISP problems came to a head last Friday morning when Click! Network disconnected service to the company for being in arrears. Click! wholesales bandwidth in Tacoma to ISPs such as Powerscourt. Click! reconnected the company for a period of approximately one week as it learned of the impact the shutdown had on local businesses, according to Diane Lachel, the network’s government and community relations manager.On Monday, faxes from Click! were sent out explaining the interruption and including information advising Powerscourt customers to make alternative arrangements for Internet service.Lachel said Wednesday she had heard Powerscourt was making other arrangements, and added Click! has informed Powerscourt clients and Towey that the network is interested in helping to smooth the transition.Towey said the best thing he could do at this time would be to get Powerscourt customers to a safe haven. He said he chose between Telisphere and Advanced Telecom Group, or ATG. Both companies were excellent, he said, but Telisphere was better able to handle frame relay customers.Lachel said she did not know the exact time for service to be disconnected from Powerscourt permanently, but said it could be continued if payment was made in full.Our goal is to make the transition painless and easy – seamless, Lachel said. This is a sensitive and difficult situation.Towey said he will be taking a few months off and then would work on his other businesses, including Tacoma Venture Partners. The space on Pacific Avenue where Powerscourt has been located is for lease, Towey said, though a small space for equipment may be retained.Now I can have my little battle with Click! without impacting my customers, Towey said.”