Power Bite Reviews (Honest Customer Warning) Can You Trust PowerBite Formula?

Dental hygiene is crucial as it contributes to healthy gum and teeth. As much as dental care is costly, you can find the right supplement to enhance your dental health without breaking the bank.

Power Bite is a unique dental mineral complex that provides gum support, fresh breath, and strong teeth. It restores your PH, giving you the beautiful smile you deserve.

In the following Power Bite review, we will share how the product works, its ingredients, benefits, how to use it, pros, cons, price, and satisfaction guarantee.

What is Power Bite?

Power Bite is a mineral candy supplement that improves gum and teeth health. It contains essential minerals that provide the missing nutrients for optimal dental health.

The dental candy works by changing the PH of your saliva and remineralizing your enamel. It prevents dental erosion and restores your dental health. Using Power Bite daily prevents life-threatening issues that may arise from poor dental health.

The formula helps clear harmful bacteria that cause tooth decay ad plaque. It provides a soothing effect leaving your mouth fresh. The natural ingredients in Power Bite can strengthen your teeth and fight problems like gingivitis and periodontitis. It contains the perfect blend of ingredients for complete gum and teeth protection.

Power Bite prevents future damage and saves you the money you would use for dental care. It helps correct the bacterial imbalance in your mouth and the digestive system. Regular use of Power Bite positively impacts your digestive health, brain function and immune system.

The dental healing candy penetrates deep into your teeth and gums as you sleep, giving you a clean and fresh breath when you wake up. Power Bite is a clinically researched formula made in the USA in an FDA-compliant facility adhering to Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

The natural dental support formula is GMO-free and stimulant-free. The makers of Power Bite claim that the product goes through thorough testing to ensure purity, potency and safety. Its ingredients are non-habit forming and do not cause any negative side effects on your body.

According to the manufacturer, you will be thrilled with Power Bite, but if you are not, a 60-day satisfaction guarantee protects each purchase. They also provide free US shipping and two bonuses to improve the deal.

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How Does Power Bite Work?

Poor dental health can cause pain, cavities, decay, gingivitis, periodontitis and other teeth and gum issues. Besides affecting our gum and teeth, some problems may negatively impact the digestive system and cause indigestion and other gastrointestinal issues.

Preservatives, artificial colors and chemicals in our foods, making your saliva more acidic, cause most dental issues. The saliva then causes dental erosion, thus affecting your gum, teeth and enamel from the inside out. As a result, you get tooth decay, pain and destruction.

Power Bite is a natural remedy for your dental and gum issues. The formula works by providing unique thermal calcium that reacts to the temperature in your mouth. The calcium helps strengthen your teeth and seal the microscopic holes that give way to acid and bacteria to enter and rot your teeth.

The dental healing candies use up all the heat in your mouth and neutralize your saliva, maintaining a healthy PH in your mouth. The formula provides essential minerals to your enamel, which strengthens your teeth. The minerals also provide nutrients that help nourish and revitalize both your gum and teeth.

The soothing thermal calcium in Power Bite provides an invisible shield of protection that prevents future damage. The natural ingredients in the dental support formula contain numbing effects that help reduce pain and discomfort. It is also rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that support the immune system, reduce inflammation, and fight free radicals that may cause gum infection.

Power Bite helps correct the bacterial imbalance in your mouth, thus supporting the digestive system. Xylitol deals with Streptococcus mutans bacteria responsible for damaging teeth and causing plaque. The candy contains Xylitol, a replacement for sugar that starves the bacteria, making it incapable of causing damage.

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The Ingredients in Power Bite

Power Bite has a proprietary blend of powerful plants and minerals that work together to support your gums and teeth. Each component is 100% natural and backed by scientific research. Here are the ingredients according to the website:


Calcium Carbonate

Calcium is essential in building healthy bones, muscles and the nervous system. It also reduces heartburn, indigestion, stomach upset, and other digestive issues. Daily calcium carbonate helps eliminate plaque and stains on the tooth enamel. It keeps the gums healthy by tartar and can reverse the effects of tooth decay. The ingredient is useful in treating liver damage caused by heavy metals.


Myrrh is an essential oil that supports teeth and gum health. It is majorly used in Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine due to its many benefits. Myrrh contains antibacterial properties that kill bacteria and improve the immune system. It has soothing effects that reduce inflammation and the risk of oral infections.

Myrrh can help treat sore mouth, gum swelling, and intramucosal wounds. Additionally, the ingredient can help clear cavity pathogens and help provide fresh breath. A study revealed that people with Bechet’s disease benefited from using Myrrh four times daily.

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Wild Mint

Wild mint is rich in menthol, which provides clean breath and teeth. The ingredient contains nutrients that support a healthy brain, digestive system and reduce irritable bowel syndrome. Mint is high in antioxidants that help fight free radicals that cause gum disease. It also has immune-supportive effects that help protect you against illnesses.

Studies suggest that mint can reduce anxiety, fatigue, and frustration. Its aroma helps keep your mind and body calm while soothing your blood pressure and preventing the risk of hypertension. Mint is useful in boosting brain function by improving alertness and attention.


Xylitol is rich in flavonoids that help reduce inflammation and boost the functions of the immune system. The natural ingredient can be used in place of sugar. It also supports dental health and reduces the risk of tooth decay. Xylitol helps reduce the growth of the bacteria that causes plaque. It supports collagen production, which supports the connection between teeth and gums.


Lysozyme is a major player in preventing dental plaque. Additionally, it reduces the risk of tooth decay and helps improve your teeth strength. Lysozyme has other benefits for the overall body.

Mediterranean Sea Salt

Mediterranean Sea salt is healthy because it is rich in minerals and has low sodium levels. It is useful in weight loss and improves the production of digestive juices. Eating Mediterranean Sea salt reduces the risk of constipation and other gastrointestinal problems.

It has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe inflammation caused by eczema, acne, and psoriasis. Most people use Mediterranean Sea salt in baths because of its health benefits. Adding sea salt to water can reduce asthma and make breathing easier. In Power Bite, Mediterranean Sea salt helps support the enamel and gum tissues.

Clove Oil

Clove is naturally found in Indonesia and Madagascar. Clove oil helps support dental health and prevents toothaches. It provides mouth freshness and reduces pain after dental surgery. Cloves are rich in eugenol compounds that support oral health by reducing pain in the oral cavity. The essential oil has a numbing effect that numbs the nerves, thus preventing tooth pain for close to three hours. Clinical studies suggest that clove oil can reduce tooth discomfort and gum disease, inhibit bacteria growth, and treat both throat and mouth infections.

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The Benefits of Power Bite

Remineralize your enamel- remineralization is the natural tooth repair made possible by calcium. Power Bite is rich in calcium, strengthening your teeth while sealing the microscopic holes that allow bacteria to penetrate your enamel. The formula provides essential minerals that replace the lost ones, thus preventing tooth disease.

Restore a healthy PH in your mouth- Power Bite helps neutralize your PH by using up all the heat in the mouth. It prevents dental erosion and helps overcome the acid saliva that destroys teeth and gums.

Shield your teeth against future damage– the soothing thermal calcium in Power Bite provides a layer of invisible shield that protects your enamel from future damage. The warm temperature in the mouth constantly increases the strength of the layer.

Starving the harmful bacteria- Xylitol in Power Bite is a natural sweetener that increases the flow of saliva and helps starve the bacteria that causes gum and teeth issues. Fewer bacteria growth means less plaque and other dental problems.

Reduce tooth decay, plaque and gum disease- the mineral candy supports your teeth, gum, and overall health. It prevents dental erosion caused by acidity, the main cause of pain, decay, and plaque.

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How to Use Power Bite

A single bottle of Power Bite contains 30 candies. Take one soothing candy at night before bedtime. Allow the candy to dissolve in your mouth as a throat lozenge does. The supplement works best when sleeping.

The powerful ingredients in Power Bite will turn your acidic saliva into clean, healing saliva that penetrates your teeth and gums, rejuvenating them while you sleep. As the candy dissolves, it targets dental erosion and decay areas. It revitalizes your teeth and gums from the inside out.

Consume Power Bite consistently for at least 3-6 months for best results. The dental candies are unsuitable for kids, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers and people with pre-existing health conditions. Consult your healthcare practitioner if you are concerned about Power Bite.

There is no need to worry about potential side effects since Power Bite uses all-natural ingredients, and every batch is thoroughly tested before making its way to customers.

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Natural ingredients– the plants and minerals in Power Bite are 100% natural and obtained from the purest and most potent sources.

USA-made– Power Bite is produced in the USA in an FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility

Safe– each batch of Power Bite goes through vigorous testing to check for purity and quality. The manufacturer assures customers that the ingredients are non-habit forming.

Zero side effects– with the highest purity and 100% organic ingredients, Power Bite does not cause any negative side effects. The dental candies are free from stimulants, artificial colors, sugar or any stimulants that may harm your body.

Money-back guarantee– the company understands your investment is important. That’s why they provide a 60-day satisfaction guarantee that allows you to get a refund if you are not thrilled with Power Bite results.

Free US shipping– the manufacturer provides free US shipping on all Power Bite orders.


Only available onlineyou can grab Power Bite at a discounted price. The company assures that the formula is not accessible on other online stores or retailers.

Varying results– individuals may experience different effects after using Power Bite due to various factors.


Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee

The best place to purchase Power Bite supplement is the official website, as they offer free shipping, a satisfaction guarantee and discounted prices. More bottles attract huge savings. You can order from the following price options:

  • One bottle of Power Bite at $69 per bottle + free shipping
  • Three bottles of Power Bite at $59 per bottle + free shipping + two free eBooks
  • Six bottles of Power Bite at $49 per bottle + free shipping + two free eBooks

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According to the company’s shipping policy, they will ship your order after payment is confirmed. You will receive an email with a tracking ID to check the status of your package. All US orders take approximately 5-7 business days, while international orders take 10-15 business days.

A 60-day money-back guarantee covers each Power Bite purchase. If, for any reason, you are unsatisfied with the results, feel free to request a refund within 60 days from the purchase date. Here are the refund guidelines:

Be within 60 days before requesting a refund.

Request the refund by emailing contact@powerbite-product.com, telling them you are unsatisfied with the results.

Send the full or empty Power Bite bottles to the following address; 285 Northeast Ave, Tallmadge, OH 44278, United States.

Be patient as the company processes your refund


If you purchase three or six bottles of Power Bite, you get two free bonuses to support your oral health. Here are the two free eBooks:

Bonus 1: The 2-minute “Sparkling Smile” Guide– the book contains amazing tips and tricks you can incorporate to attain white teeth and improve your gum health in less than two minutes. The guide is your solution to getting a dazzling smile.

Bonus 2: Total Body Detox After Tooth and Gum Decay– the guide contains useful natural remedies to detox your entire body and fix your smile. You will discover nourishing recipes and herbal remedies to cleanse your system while giving you a holistic approach to improving your smile.

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Power Bite is an effective dental and gum support formula that science-backed plants and minerals. It provides fresh breath and a beautiful smile and fights plaque and tooth decay.

The dental candy balances the PH in your mouth and remineralizes your enamel. It offers an extra layer of invisible shield that keeps your teeth from future damage. Power Bite provides soothing thermal calcium that helps seal the microscopic holes, thus preventing bacteria from attacking your enamel.

A daily dose of Power Bite can prevent gingivitis, periodontitis and other gum and teeth issues. It helps fix your smile and provides a fresh and clean breath while sleeping. The dental healing candy is easy to use as it instantly dissolves into your mouth.

Power Bite contains 100% organic ingredients scientifically proven to promote healthy teeth and gum. The natural dental support formula is free from GMOs, stimulants, artificial colors, or chemicals. You can use Power Bite without the risk of any negative side effects. The dental candy is also non-habit forming.

A state-of-the-art FDA-approved and GMP-certified facility produces Power Bites supplements. Your order comes with free shipping and an unconditional 60-day satisfaction guarantee.

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