Port of Tacoma celebrates 99th anniversary

The Port of Tacoma turned 99 on Nov. 5, with exciting events planned for the big centennial year in 2018.

On Nov. 5, 1918, the citizens of Pierce County voted to establish the publicly-owned Port of Tacoma.

The idea of a having a publicly-owned port in Pierce County had been turned down by voters before. But with the help and support of many local business leaders, companies and longshore, the port was created by a landslide vote—15,054 to 3,429. Starting out on 240 acres, the port has grown into a major economic engine for our region.

The celebration of the port’s 100 years will focus on a 100-day timeframe—starting the weekend of July 28, 2018, with the Maritime Fest on Foss Waterway and culminating around the anniversary of the vote in November. Learn about The Port on the Port of Tacoma website: https://www.portoftacoma.com/.

                                                  – Port of Tacoma

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