Point-and-click: ST unveils Web site

After almost a year of development, Sound Transit’s new and improved Web site went “live” this week.

“As our agency has matured, so has the purpose of our Web site,” said Sound Transit CEO Joni Earl. “We’ve grown from a planning agency to a construction and transit operations agency and the new site reflects that growth. It is organized to make it more intuitive and interactive and it has new features that make it easier to access the information people need.

“The new site also reflects the way the World Wide Web has evolved,” added Earl. “People want to get their information quickly, without long pathways. We’ve built in many different ways for folks to find the information they need, so the site can actually follow someone’s thought process.”

Perhaps the most important new feature of the site is the E-mail subscription service. Web users will be able to self-select the information they want and request e-mails about any changes — schedule changes, rider alerts, news releases, construction updates, or just the latest photo of the week.

Other highlights of the new site include:

*Accessibility.  For the first time there is a text-only option that allows automated screen readers to read our site and thereby open our site to those who are vision-impaired.

*Better graphics.

*A much better search engine will allow web users to find what they in a different way if they prefer searching to browsing.  This suits different Web user styles, and allows all our users to navigate the site and find what they need.

Sound Transit’s regional network of express buses, commuter rail, light rail and transit facilities connects communities in King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

Visit Sound Transit’s new site at: www.soundtransit.org.