Pierce County winter road specialist receives honor

When winter conditions affect county roads, drivers benefit from Pierce County’s own snow and ice specialist.

Kendal Willits, road district manager for Pierce County Public Works and Utilities, was recognized at a meeting of the Washington Association of County Road Supervisors. Willits speaks about snow and ice removal techniques at local conferences and shares his expertise with local cities and counties.

Kitsap County integrated Willits’ recommendations to improve the effectiveness of their program. They received kudos from residents who have noticed the improvements.
At the January association meeting, Kitsap County Maintenance Superintendent Don Schultz recognized Kendal as a leader and mentor in snow and ice practices and presented him with a certificate of appreciation before his peers.

“We are privileged to have an industry expert on our team,” said Bruce Wagner, road operations manager. “Kendal has been a leader in the development of our snow and ice fighting tactics in Pierce County for nearly a decade and I’m proud that he can share our success with our peers in the region.”