Pierce County: Thanksgiving roads could include black ice

With temperatures staying well below freezing until Thursday, snow and ice will linger on roadways. Forecasts for Thanksgiving day predict rain by tomorrow afternoon. Rain falling on frozen pavement could lead to glaze-ice over the roadway, creating very slick driving conditions for several hours.

Drivers heading out for Thanksgiving should drive carefully and remember that glaze — or black — ice is difficult to spot until after you lose traction. On icy roads it is even more important to leave extra space between your car and others, and drive slowly. If you find yourself sliding, take your foot off the gas pedal; don’t slam on the brakes; and turn your wheel in the direction of the skid.

As temperatures continue to rise, the pavement will thaw and by late afternoon rain could remove most of the ice and slush on the roads. Pierce County Public Works and Utilities road crews will continue plowing and applying anti-icer liquid through Thursday, hoping to return to normal maintenance activities by Friday afternoon.

Long range forecasts are for snow levels to recede to 1,000 feet and the lowlands to return to typical November weather. County road crews will restock supplies and make sure equipment is ready for the next severe weather event.