Pierce County Superior Court honors Jury Appreciation Week

Pierce County Superior Court will sponsor Juror Appreciation Week activities from May 3-7 to recognize the service of Pierce County residents on jury duty and to highlight the honor and importance of that service.

Bryan Chushcoff, presiding judge of Pierce County Superior Court, will read to jurors a proclamation from Gov. Chris Gregoire. The Pierce County Council passed a resolution last week recognizing the week of May 3 as Jury Appreciation Week.

“Jury service is a vital aspect of our government. When you serve as juror, you not only serve your country, you also serve as an integral part of the justice system,” said Andra Motyka, Superior Court administrator.

Motyka said the Superior Court has implemented several changes to improve jury duty in Pierce County, including:

— A Juror Response Web site, which permits people summoned for jury duty the option of responding through the Internet, rather than the mail;

— A prospective juror can now be accepted, have information updated, be released due to qualifications or have the date of service postponed to another date, all electronically;

— In the near future a toll-free voice-activated response system will be added to the Internet feature;

— Jurors also have the option of receiving bus passes, making transportation to and from the court house pleasant and convenient.

“We want every juror to feel appreciated,” Motyka said, “and to know how much we value their time and commitment to our system of justice.”