Pierce County salary commission meets July 25

The first meeting of the Pierce County Citizens Commission on Salaries for Elected Officials is scheduled for Weds., July 25.

The 10-member commission was created by Executive Pat McCarthy and the County Council to provide objective advice on salary levels for the top leadership positions.

The meeting will be held at 5 p.m. in the Hess Building, 901 Tacoma Avenue South, Suite 105/Conference Room B, in Tacoma.

The citizen commission’s role is to recommend to the County Council whether salary increases are warranted for the Assessor-Treasurer, Auditor, Executive and Sheriff. Under the Pierce County Charter, County Council salaries are 60 percent of the Executive’s salary. Salaries for judges and the Prosecuting Attorney are set by state law.

“I am thankful for the 10 Pierce County residents who will donate their time and talent to analyze salaries for elected officials,” said Council Chair Joyce McDonald (District 2). “The commission’s meetings will be open to the public, and the ordinance directs the panel to solicit public input before making final recommendations. This is a healthy and transparent process.”

Six of the commission’s 10 members were selected by lot from voter registration rolls. The remaining four — representing labor, legal, business and human resources organizations — were nominated by the Executive and confirmed by the Council.