Pierce County News: Pierce County Council

Pierce County Council
Tuesday, October 22, 2002
Room 1045
930 Tacoma Ave.

Action on Ordinances

Proposal No. 2002-94s, adopting a new Chapter 18I.35, “Right To Farm Protections,” to support and encourage continued agricultural operations in Pierce County; and adopting findings of fact.

Messages from Executive

Presentation of 2003 county budget – Executive John Ladenburg
A message from the Executive transmitting the following Ordinance, which was approved and signed on October 8, 2002:

Ordinance No. 2002-87s, amending Sections 4.32.070 and 4.32.080 of the Pierce County Code to increase the county enhances 9-1-1 excise tax by twenty-five cents pursuant to the authorization set forth in House Bill 2925; adopting a new section of 4.32.090 of the Pierce County Code, “Refund Procedure”; and setting an effective date.

Appointments to Commissions

Proposal No. R2002-120, appointing sixteen new members to the Citizens’ Election Oversight Advisory Commission. (Richard Gorgone, George Lark, Judy Sharnes, Jonny Whiting, Charlotte Valbert, Mark Davidson, Casey Cochrane, Paul Webb, Fred Hoheim, Judi Chelotti, Barbara Skinner, Marlys Tron, Barbara Johnson, Lou Murkowski, Ron Bauer and Richard Schroedel)

Proposal No. R2002-89, levying an assessment in 2002, for collection in 2003, against land in Pierce County for the control of noxious weeds.
Proposal No. 2002-93, approving a land lease agreement for real property at the Pierce County Airport – Thun Field with Hangar, Inc.; and authorizing the County Executive to execute said lease.


Proposal No. R2002-111, expressing support/opposition to State of Washington Initiative 776, which would repeal the Motor Vehicle Excise Tax that is currently available at local transit agencies, attempt to eliminate the local voter-approved Motor Vehicle Excise Tax option for high capacity transit that funds Sound Transit projects, repeal the vehicle license fee that is currently collected in several counties to fund local transportation improvements, and require license tabs to be $30 per year.