Pierce County News: Pierce County Council

Pierce County Council
Regular Meeting
3 p.m., Tuesday, April 15, 2003
Room 1045
930 Tacoma Ave. South

Action on Ordinances
Proposal No. 2002-131s, granting a non-exclusive franchise to City of Tacoma, a municipal corporation, for location of railroad tracks on certain county-owned rights-of-way; and authorizing the County executive to execute the franchise.

Proposal No. 2003-21, repealing Ordinance No. 86-129; and permanently closing Ton-A-Wan-Da Avenue from Tok-A-Lou Avenue to the West Terminus, to all classes of vehicles. (Browns Point area)

Proposal No. 2003-22, amending Sections 13.04.080 and 13.13.045 of the Pierce County Code, to make the service charge provisions in the public sanitary sewer system chapter of the code consistent with Washington state law.

Proposal No. 2003-38, amending Section 18A.25.280 J., and the industrial use category of Tables 18A.25.100 G. and 18A.25.150 E. of the Pierce County Development Regulations, by separating vehicle storage yards from salvage yards, and allowing vehicle storage in the rural activity center zone through the issuance of a conditional use permit; setting an effective date; and adopting findings of fact.

Proposal No. 2003-40, providing further implementation of the Gig Harbor Peninsula Community Plan; amending Title 18A, Development Regulations – Zoning; amending Title 18B, Development Regulations – Signs; amending Title 18J, Development Regulations – Design Standards and Guidelines; amending the Pierce County Zoning Code to correct a provision relating to native vegetation retention for the Parkland-Spanaway-Midland area; setting an effective date; and adopting findings of fact.

Proposal No. 2003-41, authorizing the approval of open space classifications under current use assessment on certain property located within the unincorporated boundaries of Pierce County, in the Southwest Quarter of Section 11, Township 19 North, Range 6 East of the Willamette Meridian; and adopting findings of fact. (Application No. OS12-02, Scott Rammell – Buckley area)

Proposal No. 2003-42, vacating a portion of 27th Avenue Northwest right-of-way, located in the Southeast Quarter of Section 32, Township 21 North, Range 2 East of the Willamette Meridian, in the Gig Harbor area; and reserving the right of access for draining storm water, and maintaining the storm drainage system.

Proposal No. 2003-43, authorizing the approval of applications for timber land classification under current use assessment on certain properties located within the unincorporated boundaries of Pierce County; and adopting findings of fact. (Application No. OST13-02, Chong and Romeina Han – Tanwax area; Application No. OST14-02, Wesley and Marian Mark – Tule Lake area; Application No. OST15-02, Dennis and Elsie Townsend – Tanwax area; and Application Nos. OST16-02 and OST17-02, Wayne E. Arnold and Bonnie Jo Christner – Tanwax area)

Proposal No. 2003-44, adopting a new Chapter 2.89 of the Pierce County Code, “Tacoma Narrows Airport Advisory Commission.”

Action on Resolutions
Proposal No. R2003-61, confirming the appointment of 11 members of the Tacoma Narrows Airport Advisory Commission. (Councilmember Terry Lee, Carl Geist, Paul McCormick, Hugh Morgan, Brian O’Neil, Steve Osguthorpe, Mike Pickett, Harding Roe, Jay Shaddox, Deena Turmo, Ann Whittaker)

Proposal No. R2003-51, declaring the week of April 13-19, 2003, as “Volunteer Recognition Week” in Pierce County, Washington; and congratulating Kim Calavan and Tom Martin as the 2002 Volunteers of the Year; Joshua Brodie as the Youth Volunteer of the Year; and the WSU Cooperative Extension Master Gardeners as the Volunteer Group of the Year.

Proposal No. R2003-56, commending Roy Nansel as an Employee Suggestion Award winner.

Proposal No. R2003-57, commending Alex Nelson as an Employee Suggestion Award winner.

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