Pierce County News: Pierce County Council

Pierce County Council
Regular Meeting
3 p.m., Tuesday, February 10, 2004
Room 1045
County-City Building
930 Tacoma Ave. South

Action on Ordinances
Proposal No. 2003-121s, adding a new Chapter 7.14 entitled “New Technologies” to the Pierce County Stormwater Management and Site Development Manual; repealing Appendix J entitled “Maintenance Including Example Maintenance Schedules” in the Stormwater and Wastewater Management and Site Development Manual; and adopting a new Appendix J reflecting maintenance additions based on new Chapter 7.14.

Proposal No. 2003-135, amending Section 9.32.020 of the Pierce County Code, by changing the list of devices that may not be possessed, manufactured or disposed of within the county.

Proposal No. 2003-136, declaring certain county-owned property as surplus, located at 868 173rd Street South in Spanaway, Washington; and authorizing the County Executive to pursue disposal of the property by sale pursuant to Pierce County Code Chapter 2.110.

Proposal No. 2004-4, ratifying the collective bargaining agreement reached with general sector and private sector employees and special services employees in King and Pierce counties and employees of the State of Washington, Teamsters Local Union No. 117 on behalf of Sheriff’s Civilian Support Staff; and amending the Pierce County Salary Classification Plan.

Proposal No. 2004-5, amending Ordinance 2001-99S and Section 4.24.015 D. of the Pierce County Code regarding expenditures of the second real estate excise tax for capital park and recreation projects.

Proposal No. 2004-6, repealing Chapters 2.58, 2.59, 2.77 and 2.94 of the Pierce County Code and adopting new Chapters 2.58, 2.59, 2.77 and 2.94 of the Pierce County Code to reestablish the Gig Harbor Peninsula, Graham, Foothills Plateau and Greater Greenwater Gateway Land Use Advisory commissions consistent with the provisions of Chapter 2.45 of the Pierce County Code.

Action on Resolutions
Proposal No. R2004-24, establishing the Fennel Creek Corridor Advisory Committee, and ad hoc committee to advise the Pierce County Council regarding appropriate densities, zoning and environmental protection measures within the Fennel Creek Corridor as specified by Ordinance No. 2003-103S; providing guidelines and a timeline for the work of the committee; requesting the Planning Land Services Department provide technical support, including transmittal of the recommendations of the committee to the Planning Commission; and setting a sunset date for the ad hoc committee.

State of Superior Court Address – The Honorable James Orlando – 2004 Presiding Judge

A message from the Executive transmitting the following Ordinance, which was approved and signed on December 8, 2003:
Proposal No. 2003-116, granting a nonexclusive franchise to the City of Roy, a municipal corporation of the State of Washington, for location of water lines on certain county-owned rights-of-way; and authorizing the County Executive to execute said franchise.

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